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W1R2- amazing

Good morning you happy sunshiny people!

I spent an hour trying to get out of bed this morning with all sorts of excuses and grumbles raging in my head. I have to walk a dog anyway so I wore suitable gear and took my earphones, decision still unmade on whether I'd 'put W1R2 off till Sunday'- but I'm so glad I did it! Although my hips and thighs still were sore from W1R1 2 days ago, I didn't really notice that when I was playing the podcast and wallking / 'running'. I put it in inverted commas because it was sooo slow- but it was a slow jog I guess.

It was cool this morning which helped- not many people about and I have to say I did a bit of extra walking rather than start running when passing people. But, it's in the bag. And, I think it was easier than run1!

a few comments...

Ow my hips and thighs hurt!

I'm amazed that I have done two of these sessions- I have never been a runner and all my overweight weight is flabby and bouncy

Much of the battle is being the chair and taking charge of all the voices in your head!

It's empowering to choose to do something which you have always thoight you couldn't do

I now believe I can do W1R3

I can begin to believe I can start to lose some weight again

Also I was wondering if there are any other 54 yr old overweight grannys in the Leckhampton / Cheltenham area who are at a similar place with this?

have a great day everyone :)

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Good morning to you, wonderful Granny :)

Welcome on board and well done. I could not agree more about these wonderful people, they are slowly and painfully changing my life, despite my best efforts to winge and moan and get out of it. I have struggled for 20 years (and some) with my weight but now fast approaching 50 I feel like a new man (Oo err missus)

Good luck with your running, I have never been a runner either and my one piece of advise, keep posting, no matter how hard it gets, how fed up you feel and how comfy that sofa or bed is, keep posting and this horrible lot will give you the kick up the back side and support you need.

In answer to last last Question, no I'm not a granny, in fact not a grandad either, my lot don't seem bothered about kids, and I don't live in Cheltenham, but have always fancied the Cheltenham festival, so how about a c25k party there next year?

Good luck x

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good for you, i know how hard it is but each time you succeed it spurs you on to the next level. I have been running now for about 18months, i still just plod along with the final run of week 9 but i do it three or four times a week now that i have retired. I would never have put myself down as a runner but hey i am!!!!! lol. Good luck in your quest and remember you are never to old to learn!!! Take care.

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Bits of you are going to hurt at first, sometimes it's parts you didn't expect. As long as the pain is just because you're getting your body up to speed and not an injury then they WILL go away.

It took me three weeks and a proper pair of Gel soled running shoes to fix my various aches and pains so if you're serious about doing the program check out your shoes and make sure they're fit for purpose.

Good luck with everything, it just might change your life.

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Hello RainShine.

What a lovely post.

Good for you getting out there and doing it, it really is the hardest thing to make that intitial decision and start.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) worries about what other people think of us when we are out plodding around in a rather ungainly fashion, in the first week or so. Please trust me that either we realise they are not interested in us or we get to a point we don't care and do it anyway. Honestly, no-one who matters will think anything. Those that care will encourage and be glad for you.

The only other bit of advice which I have been given is go slooooow!

Slow is your friend. Don't imagine there are other people racing about on this site. They're not.

Yes, there are some runners you will see motoring about but they have been doing it for years in all likelihood. The programme is designed to be slow and steady, to complete each session is the key - not the speed at which you complete the session.

If you jog, you will do the pod cast for 30 minutes. If you run like a bat out of hell you will still do the pod cast for 30 minutes. I know which one I prefer!

Well done, week 1 nearly completed. Imagine saying that last week.


Thank you one and all... 😊 such kind replies, so supportive and practical too!

I wear Salomon (sp?) trail trainers, have done for years (several pairs not the same all through the years!) ... they are the bees knees for dog walking all terrain so whilst they are far from the lightest footwear weight wise they are protective and can cope with just about anything.

Slow was indeed my friend- hardly any momentum and whilst it felt like cheating it did mean I could breathe!

It's good advice about not worrying about people looking and judging, I know when I see people running I admire their determination whatever shape they're in... I guess over time you just get used to it.

Anyway I have woken today with nothing like the soreness in my thigh muscles which is great. I don't really know what made me do run1 or why I'm on this programme but I already feel amazed to have completed two 'runs' and intend to keep going ...

Oh and Chalfont - do you mean the horse racing? Or the science, jazz, music or literature festival? ! Could be fun!

Once again thank you all for taking the time to be so kind, positive, generous and encouraging.

Rainshine x

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All of those!!! (maybe the literary festival) Good luck x

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Sounds like you are doing great!!! keep up the good work...

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