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Week 8, Run 1 not my best effort

Think I ate too much lunchtime even though I didn't run til 5pm! That'll teach me :D. Started off and straight away got a stitchy pain in my left side which then moved upwards under my ribs, resulting in having to stop and walk after 10 minutes running as I couldn't catch my breath properly because it was so painful. Anyway, after walking a couple of minutes, set off again and ran the rest of the 28 minutes OK. So decided to carry on to 30 minutes to make up for the walk. So sorta half disappointed, half pleased with last night's run.

Shall attempt it again Saturday morning now, with no food beforehand!

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You ran for 30 minutes so I don't think you need to do this one again. Just move on to the next run. Try deep breathing from your tummy if the stitch happens again - as if you're blowing up a balloon and slow down your speed.


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