Thank you guys. You were right...😀

Hi guys,

On Monday I was feeling frustrated at having a non start running session. I got up late, garmin wouldn't work then my leg hurt so I gave up.

Well, feeling motivated after what u guys said, I tried again today and it was a good run. I did spend more time on warming up as some of you mentioned rather than just relying on the five min warm up walk and I did feel the difference...

So relieved!! Was worried I'd somehow lost the 'running bug' and that was gonna be it. Reverting back to old ways. But no, it was, as you guys said, just a really lame run on Monday.

So glad I got back out there.

I just really wanted to say- Thanks guys and gals. Your support is appreciated!

Sarah xxx

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  • That's good to hear! Everyone has a bad run from time to time, not many post about how their next one was fine! Glad you've got your mojo back xx

  • Thanks :) me too. It was an important learning curve to be honest. It was testing my resolve to continue running..

  • That's brilliant. Well done for getting back out there!!! Xx

  • Thankyou. :)

  • Woot woot! Are we allowed to say "Told you so..."? :D

  • You are...coz in fairness..ya did! xx

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