W7 completed, W8 starts tonight... gulp!

Hey Everyone :-)

Well, I successfully completed W7 on Saturday evening, even managed to speed up during last minute to 6.5km. I have been jogging at 6k up until now. Was okay actually, not completely out of breath, so I guess I'm making good progress :-)

Tonight I'm starting W8 and am a bit apprehensive about it! My brain tells me that if I can run 25 minutes reasonably comfortably, I should have no problem with 28 minutes... However, I keep thinking that those extra 3 minutes are going to kill me LOL! I realize it's very much a mental thing though as physically I've been feeling just fine after the runs.

Need some supportive prodding I think... Thanks for reading :-)

Johanna x


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  • Well done you. Good luck for W8 R1 :-)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Good luck. I shall be watching with interest. Let us know how you get on. You have to go. You are now my inspiration for going out for run 1 of week 8 on Wed!!! no pressure ;-)

  • Haha! No pressure indeed ;-) Thank you though as it will make me run, can't back out now!

  • Congratulations - prod, prod, get on and do that run today. Are you on a treadmill or running outside? I am running on a treadmill at that speed (well 3.8 mph) and it seems to be about right for me. I also have the incline set to 2%.

  • ooh I wish I had a treadmill that inclines. I use the treadmill as well as go outside to run once or twice a week but I would like to incline it to perhaps 1ยฐ . Oh well, the treadmill I have will have to do for a while as there's nothing wrong with it and I have no money, lol

  • Thank you runningknitter :-) I run on the treadmill at the moment as I live in Orkney which very often has horrendous weather, so treadmill keeps me on track to do three runs a week. Incline set to 1% at the moment, so will have to up at a bit to 2% as well :-) Thank you for the prod haha!

  • Well done! If you are nervous about the run, why not slow it down a little to give you confidence? It is about building stamina and strength although I know it is tempting to concentrate on speed as well. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you :-) Yes, very aware that I must not overdo the speed and run slowly to build up the stamina, but when you feel you have a bit of energy left over it's so tempting to push yourself isn't it?

  • Well done, graduation day gets closer, it's all in the mind although I still have to start week 7.

  • Thank you Paul :-) W7 was not as tough as I thought it might be, but the mind can be such a terrible companion sometimes as it will tell you all sorts of negative stuff haha! Hope W7 will go well for you too!

  • You can do this for sure! Laura said something when we were just starting the longer runs: You can physically do it, you just need for your mind to know it!

    Keep posting and let us know how you get on :D

  • Thank you teabreaks, will do :-)

  • Well... did W8 R1 last night and oh dear.... did I feel those extra 3 minutes? Yes I did! However, it's my own fault. Over the course of the last 7 weeks I have found I cannot eat anything for about 4 hours before my run, otherwise I start feeling nauseous and sluggish.... Yesterday afternoon I ate a slice of bread with peanut butter (my idea of energy booster) about 2 hours before my run and really should not have done that. My legs were fine but did extra stretching after to make sure I did not get any pain. Other than that, buckets of sweat of course and face like a beetroot again. But I DID IT!!! And will do it again :-) Totally hooked. x

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