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Just saying hello!

I've just started the C25K programme - I'm 51 and a size 16, and I've never done any running in my life before. I started last Sunday, and have decided to repeat Week 1 before moving on; I'm glad I did, because today would have been my first of Week 2, and I didn't feel great before I even started. The weather was warmer than I've run in before, and the rec was extremely busy, but I managed about 7½ minutes of running (I was sabotaged by an incredibly cute puppy - she only wanted to join in, and I must be an irresistibly slow target at the moment!), and tried to make up for it with a longer brisk walk. Hey ho, Tuesday is another day...

I'm amazed by the health benefits I'm already feeling after just a week, though. I'm losing interest in junk foods, and in large portions of food generally; I feel brighter, happier and more switched on than I have for a very long time (I've been on Fluoxetine for anxiety for a couple of years, so that's a very real and unexpected bonus): and my husband commented yesterday on how much more upright I was walking, and how much more I was striding out. And this is after one week!!

I hope I can continue with this program and reap all its benefits, although at the moment the idea of me running 5k without the help of a horse or a jetpack seems like a very far-fetched dream. Still, I can but do my best, and it's great to find this friendly and supportive forum for all the problems and questions I'll doubtless have!

All the best,


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Wow. Started today and already taking heart from your post. I've also decided on a slow start. Also in my 50s, not long come off Fluoxetine myself and making an effort to drop all the excess pounds I'm carrying. Considering I'm reasonably active I was surprised how embarrassingly slow I was!


Hi, runwiththedog! Thankyou for your reply!

I know what you mean - at first I was embarrassed to tell my husband I'd "run" for eight (separate) minutes, knowing perfectly well he could have walked faster, but you have to go at a speed that's right for you. Well done on starting C25K, and I hope you manage to stay off the Fluoxetine.

We'll do this together! *high five*


Well done. Those endorphins are great aren't they?

I run firstly for the mental benefits. I'm also on fluoxetine for depression and it really helps me with overall self esteem and confidence as well as general mood.

I also run for the physical effects too. Fitness, stamina, lung capacity as I have asthma also as well as weight loss, posture etc.

I'm about to begin week 5 now. I'm no seasoned runner though. My pace is also very slow but as long as I keep lifting my feet I'm happy with that. Even slow is better than none.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. The plan is really flexible and can be tailored to suit you, but don't be apprehensive of progressing through the weeks. It really does work and you feel greater still when you continually surprise yourself running more than you thought you were capable of.

Well done for starting, I'll look forward so seeing you tick off the weeks. :)


Hi Niggit, lovely to read your post! You will be amazed at the benefits of this programme. And personally I think starting in 50's (and I'm older than you btw ;-)) is perfect because it's at that age that we suddenly start to actually notice little aging effects, and the difficulty of keeping in shape, flexible etc, as well as seeing people with serious illnesses caused in part by an unhealthy lifestyle finally catching up with them. So I think we are really motivated to keep up with this plan once we've started. You are so right about the speed - i think that's the key to everything. And also the rest days in between. Even going very slowly and comfortably (relatively speaking...;-)) today I got through the 30 min run of wk 9 for the second time. So pleased with progress, and so nice to see new people joinng and feeling the benefits so quickly. The NHS should be evangelising this so much more! Look at what they could save on medications for depression, for a start!


Well done Niggit on getting started.

I'd just like to give you a bit of encouragement if I may - I'm 49, started quite overweight with raised blood pressure, and I've suffered from depression on & off for a while. I graduated a few weeks back & have noticed so many health benefits since I started. My clothes are much looser, my body is more toned, my mood has improved a huge amount and the blood pressure has come down. I am a much happier, fitter, healthier more confident person now. Seeing the changes in myself, which began to happen quite quickly, really motivated me to keep going.

I agree about the speed, keep it slow & steady and go at a speed which allows you to complete each run successfully & not wear yourself out. Also it's essential to keep to the rest days to allow your body to repair itself. Don't be afraid to take two rest days if you feel you need it - I did that regularly.

Good luck with your C25K journey & keep posting x


Welcome Niggit. You have completed the hardest part - starting this program. I started in late July and really struggled with the running and the breathing. Biut now I can run for 25+ minutes without huffing and puffing as if I am about to expire. The health benefits are great, but also the pride when I say " oh yes I am a runner". The program really works, even for us oldies (57).

I look forward to seeing how you are doing so keep posting.


Wow! Thankyou, everyone, for your encouraging posts :) I really, really want this to work - I'll be so thrilled to see the benefits you are all talking about for myself, so I guess it's up to me to keep going!

Susan22, I hope one day I can be where you are now. That would be awesome!


Sarah, I think you're brilliant! I've just started too... second run of week 1 tonight... am I'm feeling scared but am determined to do it. I'll be thinking of you tonight x


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