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First consolidation run stats


I’ve just done my first consolidation run since graduation and only timed my running for the first time. I covered 3.81km in the 30 minutes with an average speed of 7.58 min per km. Is this any good?! My target at the moment is to make running 5k, regardless of the time. So I’m hoping this is a good start? I’m planning to do a few more weeks of 30 min runs, then up the time by a couple of minutes each week after that until I make 5k. Does that sound like a sensible plan?

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That’s exactly what I did. Just keep adding a bit every week, until one day I realised I had run 2.9miles so I just kept going. If I remember rightly it was 48 minutes the first time. Sounds a lot but you can do it if you take it steady and don’t try to increase too much too quickly.

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to E27M14

Thanks. I felt I had a little left in the tank at the end but still gonna stick to the 30 mins for a while so I don’t over do it.


Read the advice on What's Next pinned post ...consolidation is about building up the new running legs..strength and stamina..

Short runs...30 minute routes and most importantly..long slower runs.

They are the ones which build the legs..and aid distance and speed.

You run..just for you..comfortably and comparison.

No good or bad😉

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks 😊

Well done! I've got my first consolidation run tomorrow. I'm going to try and do two 30 min runs and one longer run. I'm aiming to increase by 5 mins each time. I'm a very slow runner but do feel I could run for much longer, so maybe I need to try and increase my speed too.

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to Scarlettbunnykins

I feel like my speed has naturally picked up as maybe my body has just got used to running regularly now? I used to start out really slowly to make sure I made it through the whole run, but I’m finding that that pace is gradually getting a bit quicker. I’m not sure I can manage a 5 minute increment straight away, so I’m going to take baby steps and do 32 then 34 minutes! Good luck with your first consolidation run. I ran for the first time listening to a podcast. It really helped my mind from drifting into negative thoughts about how long left! 😂


It’s a good base to go to 5k. Even with identical twins running C25K there would be a difference in pace at the end as it would depend on starting fitness... you’re right not to worry about time, as my ultra running buddy always says “5k is 5k”

Your plan sounds very sensible... run 30’s until they’re comfortable (even easy) and then push onwards slowly.

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks, I totally agree, 5k is 5k and at the moment my only target. I guess I might eventually try a park run if I can get to 5k as don’t really want to do one until I know I can run that far.


I did my first consolidation run on Monday (without Laura and music) and about to force myself out in the wind (and now rain again) for the second run. Need to do it as flying to Hong Kong in the morning so will struggle to run tomorrow and want my running stuff packed tonight - I might get some funny looks doing laps of the aeroplane - and not sure I’ll be up for it on Saturday due to jet lag. However, I already have a 5km route in mind for Sunday morning in Kowloon!

Couchpotato2Graduate in reply to Harleysfield

You could go to Victoria Peak and do the trail around the peak, it’s nice and flat and has great views. Of course hydrate a lot during and post flight!

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to Harleysfield

Good luck in the wind, it’s definitely a challenge! How exotic running in Kowloon! I’ve just run around the estate! 😂 Good luck with it and enjoy the surroundings.


That is roughly my speed and your plan sounds good. I would suggest getting to a park run because the mood helps you and even if yoy dont run it all, you’ll be able to run most of it. Well done!

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to Couchpotato2

I don’t really want to attempt a park run until I know I can run that far. I kinda want to be able to run it all....eventually! Are you on consolidation runs now?

Couchpotato2Graduate in reply to Glitterjav

The joy of park runs is that you can walk all of it if you want so you can run your 30’ and walk the rest and each time you’ll get a little further; of course totally up to you! I started park runs on week 7 and wish I’d started sooner.

I am in consolation runs and finding it a bit difficult to adjust but I think it’s because I waa trying too many new things. Think what you suggest of running 30’ several times and getting comfy with that seems very wise.


That's very similar to my plan. In fact, your speed is very similar to mine, too. Whether it's "good" or not is quite a personal thing... depends on age, weight, length of stride, terrain covered etc...

Have you considered the C25k+ podcasts. Also, I'm planning to experiment with the Nike Run Club podcasts too. :)

Good luck!

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to Pianism

That’s good to know I’m on a par with someone else! I hadn’t thought about the C25K podcasts. I ran today listening to a 5Live footy podcast and that kept me from listening to ‘the gremlins’!

It's very good. You're running for 30 minutes. Consolidation means building on what you have so have a couple of weeks with no pressure and enjoy the running. Then start on improving performance. Have a target, in your case 5K, then another consolidation period. Every now and again have a recovery week where you do a bit less.

GlitterjavGraduate in reply to SlowLoris

Thanks for that. I like the idea of doing a bit less every now and then. I have CFS so don’t want to push myself too hard.


Bit late to this one - I’ve added duration to just one run, so 2 x30 and 1 now at 45, possibly going to try a 50 in a week or so. Always nice and slow! And found I was only ready to add more after about 6 weeks!


Just finished week 8. I presume Laura will mention these "consolidation runs" in the week 9 audio...?

I see many of you guys say "just enjoy the run". Does it actually become enjoyable at some point? When does it happen?

So far it's just really hard.

With the walks at each end, I'm doing 4.28 km, so I'm obviously running slower than you Glitterjav!


Better tham me, Glitterjav!

Did my first consolidation yesterday, using the C25K+ "STEPPING_STONE.mp3" and actually completed a little less didtance (3.4 k). So in addition to stepping up the pace I need to lengthen my strides.

The C25K+ sessions are MUCH better than those of teh 9-week course because the music rhythm is calculated to guide your steps.

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