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Mr Grumpy Guts

So yesterday my right foot really hurt. Something was NOT right. I was full-on hobbling to the printer at work by the end of the day and feeling increasingly worried I would need to delay my W9R1 that evening.

When I got in I asked myself "What would the forum say?" and knew you'd all come back with sensible advice about resting/not pushing it etc.

So I headed your virtual advice and stayed on the couch. Boy was I the most miserable person in Misery House, Self Pity Lane, Little Whinging on the Grump.

I ate 4 peaches, 5 rich tea biscuits and endless cups of tea, watched far too much rubbish on Netflix, mused on the very high probability that I was Injured and all in all felt very sorry for myself.

I woke up this morning and my foot felt .... fine. Went for W9R1 tonight without any problems.

I therefore wish to post a formal apology to my long suffering partner, who at one point last night noted that he was equally keen for me to go for a run (probably more so!) Just goes to show how much has changed in the last few months.

Happy midweek running to all!

P x

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Heeded, not headed! Stupid predictive text. Grrrr.


Wonderful lesson that we can all learn from Mrs Prune :-) . Listen to the body.

Glad you are feeling better and that much closer to the graduation run!

Well done!!


Thanks OG (Full version of name feels rude!)

Felt very silly/apologetic this morning. Just had kippers for tea to celebrate not being injured.

Love the picture, btw. All looking suitably formidable.


You wise old owl, you. Glad that your plates of meat are back in action!


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