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W8R1- Completed!

We've had major internet problems here which have only been fixed a few minutes ago. Funny how the main thing that I missed was coming on this forum, to check up on how everyone has been doing! How life has changed from a few weeks ago!!

We ran W8R1 last night, kept the pace real steady until the end. Will get no medals for distance or speed - but we ran the full 28 minutes, and we're able to have a comfortable conversation for most of it!

Due to various end of school term commitments this week, our W8R2 run will be on Friday....looking forward to it all ready! What a change in mindset!

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Brilliant. I'm not sure if I could have had any kind of coherent conversation when I ran week 8 😀


Thank you! Had to double check it was actually week 8 when I posted - couldn't quite believe we had made it this far!


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