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W8R1 completed!


Hey guys/gals,

I had a few things to do earlier but I did manage to find the time to complete my run this afternoon. I only just about managed to get it done though and at one point I thought I would even have to do it in the rain. Luckily, just as I got out my car it stopped almost as soon as it started so I was a little thankful for that especially as I was in unknown territory.

Having recently started a new job in the local area, I've put my plans on moving to the south-west on hold for the time being. However, because I've already sold my maisonette I now need to find somewhere else to live that's not too far away from where I work (just off the A5 near junction 10 of the M42). I'm looking more towards the Atherstone, Hinckley and Nuneaton areas as they offer better value for money than Tamworth. So today I went off to view two houses and the last one was in Nuneaton itself and after my viewing I parked up just round the corner and started my run from there. It's actually not a bad place to run as there was a little lake with a footpath around it and some dedicated open walkways between housing estates and through a small park area. I wasn't exactly sure where all the other pathways led so I just stuck to obvious ones I could see that were out in the open. This did mean I had to double-back on myself and I almost completed two full laps of the area in my 28 minutes.

As you can see from my log, I managed to run for a distance of 3.37km in my 28 minutes. I haven't a clue how accurate the app is when it comes to the actual distance and pace, but if it's correct, that is the furthest I have run to date and obviously it's longest I have run for as well. So I'm chuffed that I got through it ok without any major problems. I'm glad to say there were no hills on my route which is probably the reason why I successfully completed it! :)

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That's a good distance , run looks good on part of my lap in park I run next to a river it's my favourite part of the run.

As you seen my run today was tough but I guess we need to expect that , I will get out Wednesday and then it will be Saturday when I complete wk 8 .... I'm finding it hard to believe it's coming to graduation I almost don't want it to arrive too quickly might just repeat a few runs .....

Keep plugging glad we got through it imagine 28 mins 🍀😜👏🏻

Cuig1975 in reply to Cuig1975

I use a walkmeter app havnt downloaded another one , like you I hope it's pretty accurate, which one do you use

Lee337Graduate in reply to Cuig1975

Oh and the app I use is simply called 'Running' and it's a totally black icon with just the word RUN on it (in capitals) and green coloured letters. It's by a company called Fitness22 and best of all, it's Free! :)

Lee337Graduate in reply to Cuig1975

Thanks! :) Yeah, it was a nice change to have a different place to run and yours sound great. Especially next to a river (which is obviously always going to be on flat ground!) so I can see why it's your favourite part. It's funny, but now I'm viewing properties with a view to actually buying one with decent places to run very close by. Something that wouldn't have crossed my mind a few weeks back! :D

And yeah...just short of half an hours running, it really is amazing to think that! I can see why might repeat a few runs as you don't want it to end. Good luck tomorrow with your next one. :)


Well done you! A good run...embrace the flatness :) Hope you get somewhere to park your running shoes very soon :)

Lee337Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss. I hope so to. :)


Really Well done Lee !

Youre doing just great, Keep going ! :-) xxx

Lee337Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you poppypug :) x


A great run Lee & pace😊 so close now .... It's exciting & Give yourself a big pat on the back you are doing a fantastic job & this colder weather makes it all the harder! X

Lee337Graduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks Phyllis! :)

Oh, I dunno...I thought the colder weather was helping me to move a bit more as it was too damn nippy to dawdle! :D x


Only 5 more?! How brilliantly are you doing? These last few runs will speed by. I'm amazed that you've sailed through the programme with all the upheaval of moving and a new job too. Serious dedication! Well done :)

Lee337Graduate in reply to McFitty

Pah! It's been a total breeze! :p

Seriously...thank you McFitty and everyone else on here. I wouldn't have got this far without you all! :)


Great time. Well done. Do you prefer running on the flat or are you happier with the hills? Good luck with your house hunting.

Lee337Graduate in reply to Flossie22

Happier with hills!!? :D

[controls himself after laughing fit]

Ahem...I err, try to avoid the 4 letter word if I can help it Flossie22 :) Maybe after I graduate ( make that, a long time after I graduate! ;) ) I might consider seeking a few out, but for now I'll try my best to go round 'em and not up 'em! :D

Thanks with the house hunting wishes. :)

Flossie22Graduate in reply to Lee337

Ha ha! You sound like me. I find myself going downhill first and then only back up a little mound. There is a park near me, but it's up a long hill, so I'm saving that for post graduation 🎓 if I get there 🤔 😁

Lee337Graduate in reply to Flossie22

I guess that will be a nice target to set for yourself, eh? :)

Flossie22Graduate in reply to Lee337

Hmm just found out it's going to rain tomorrow morning. . . Wonder if I should run in the gym instead of outside 🤔

Lee337Graduate in reply to Flossie22

A little bit of wet stuff won't stop ya running, will it Flossie22...will it? ;)

Flossie22Graduate in reply to Lee337

Putting it like that, I would like to think not. 😊 But part of me is thinking 😝


That's fantastic! It sounds a beautiful place to run..(I'd opt for that house lol) I wondered are you still getting the heavy legs when you run and are you finding it easier now?

Well done by the way! :)

Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

Thanks debze :)

Yeah it was a far nicer environment to run in than my usual industrial/housing estate setting. But still nowhere near as nice as when I was staying with my sister in Cornwall and was running along the quayside and coastal path in Hayle and Penzance. I don't think I can beat that.

It's strange how I'm actually viewing houses with running in mind now. So I won't consider anywhere that hasn't got any decent places to run. :)

Oh, and yeah I do still get that 'heavy legs' feeling, but not immediately. I think it starts after about 10 minutes of running, but it's not very bad or enough to make me stop. The only times it does feel like that (and it can be agony) is when I start to go up an incline when I'm well into the run. (It's not so bad if I hit an incline as soon as I start though).


Fantastic! I prefer running on flat areas too! now running at my workplace, around the Portishead Harbour :-)

Lee337Graduate in reply to Sinouche

Oh nice. I almost moved near to you about a month ago, having started a new job in Avonmouth. However the job wasn't as expected and I came back to Staffordshire! :)

That's a good chunk to run Lee!

If you're worried about accurate miles... Have you considered a smart 'sports' watch for accuracy? Conor and I pre-ordered the new Pebble 2. His showed up yesterday and mine's still on the way (doh!) but they're awesome, accurate and come January - can access all the apps and podcasts whilst running without a phone with the Pebble Core add on.

Lee337Graduate in reply to anna91

Thanks Anna. :) No I hadn't considered a smart 'sports' watch as I already have a fully working watch and being a bit of an old 'skinflint' I hadn't thought about getting another one. However, I will take a peek at them to see if one would be worth the upgrade for me or not.

anna91 in reply to Lee337

Deffo worth having a look :)


That's great news Lee337 - such an achievement too - especially with everything else going on at the mo for you :-) 5 more until the big G - still witcha bud - all the way :-) x

Lee337Graduate in reply to dereham-girl

Yeah, it's getting ever closer. Thanks! :)

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