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Wk3 Run 1

Just finished first run of wk 3 and a bit disappointed. Managed first 2 weeks no bother. Problem came on second 3minute run I just had to stop for about 10 sec to catch breath. I think it was mainly because the route I take just happens to go uphill at that point. Will I ever be able to run uphill for any length of time - I don't know!

Anyway hopefulyl run 2 will go better - fingers crossed

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of course you will! hills definitely DO get easier :) . Sounds like a good run, having a 10 second breather on a hill doesn't sound like something you should be down on yourself for.................

All the best for your next one, stop being too hard on yourself!


Thank you! I came back to all these posts and saw someone said you should try to run 3 minutes to a favourite song . Found myself one and ran for 3.5 minutes no problem (not on a hill I hasten to add.)

Can't wait to try wk 3 again on Thursday now!


excellent that sounds a good plan! well done :)


You will be able to do it. Maybe you need to slow your pace a little and concentrate on your breathing.

I had a habit of holding my breath and also taking quick shallow breaths for the first few weeks. It would exhaust me. So try deep, slow breathing as you go

let us know how you get in in the next run


Yes getting breathing right is quite difficult. can't make much of Laura's method of counting


I couldn't understand her logic, so I looked up YouTube and found some good explanations. I just do it as a count in my head, rather than my feet. In for 3 seconds and out in 2 seconds. I ignore my feet as that just involves trying to do too much all at the same time. 😀


I'll try that - anything to make it a wee bit simpler - co-ordinating several things at once is not my strong point either.

Thanks for all your advice - will keep you posted


We're at the exact same place, although I'm planning the W3r1 tomorrow. You made it! We can do this!

My music selection helps get me through, too. :)


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