Couch to 5K

Week 4 Run 1

I did it, I ran for 5 minutes ! I almost didn't go for a run this morning as it was raining and I felt a cold coming on but I pushed myself to do it and I am glad I did. I had to take a longer route than normal to finish off the last 5 minutes and have some distance for a cool down walk which surprised me. I enjoyed the run but did find the 5 minutes (especially the last one really hard). My face was so red haha.

I am now in a bit of a dilemma for my runs for the rest of the week. On Friday - Sunday I am going away for the weekend and I can't take my running stuff with me. I was thinking of doing another run tomorrow and then one on Thursday. This means I will be missing out on a rest day which I am not sure is a good idea ? Up till now I have always done a rest day between runs but I am sure just missing one rest day can't do that much harm, right ?

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Well done for getting out, even if you didn't feel like it. Feels great afterwards though, doesn't it? :)

As for skipping a rest day. It's not a good habbit to get into at this stage of the programme, but we also need to be realistic and live a normal life. So as long as it's the one off, it probably wont' do you any harm whatsoever. So go on, do it. you know you want to...


Well done - there's that nice feeling at the end when you go for a run even if you don't fell like :)

There is no need to fit in 3 runs in one week - I often did only 2 runs- and it took me 16 weeks to graduate. I often needed 3 days rest - and found that after those my running would improve quite a lot.

Now I can do every other day, or short easy runs with no rest day - but not if the run is hard.


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