Couch to 5K

Advice needed after injury

I've started the c25k and I had completed week 5 runs before I had a very bad fall and injured my knee. I was so happy with my progress up to then. Since, I've lost my confidence after not running for a week. Then when I finally tried again I had an asthma attack... Really want to get back in to it because it made a real difference to my mood. Any advice would really be appreciated, I don't know whether to go back to week one or pick up from where I left off?

Thankyou :)

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Just go for a run and see how you do. A week off does not mean you have to start over - maybe go back to the first run of W5? Good luck!


Thank you, I'm going to give it a go tomorrow. I'm always too hard on myself!


I agree, there is no need to go back to the start - and wk5 is a nice mix of runs to get you back into the habit! Just remember to take it slow. You have nothing to prove to anyone else, this is just for you. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the run.


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