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My First Race!

I just finished my first 5k race at the Olympic Park for Sports Relief - and it feels goooood. My legs were like lead at the end but I did put on a bit of a speed up in the last 100m or so. Also, was not looking forward to all the people, but it was actually great to be cheered on by the crowds...

Now, a 10k? I can't imagine being able to run for another 30 minutes, but know some of you out there can do it so easy. Maybe.....:)

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I was at the Olympic site today too, although only slowly running the mile. The atmosphere was great, wasn't it.


Yes, I loved it! All that razzmatazz!


Well done and congratulations. What a wonderful bonus to finish the run at an Olympic site. Enjoy. Best wishes.


I'm doing my first run, hospice 10k 6th April, very nervous about the start but just want to enjoy and finish!:-)


Well done if your thinking of a 10k your ready just take it easy pace yourself enjoy, crowds give you a lift .


Hi! I was at the Olympic Park yesterday doing the 6 mile run; I ran there last summer in the anniversary run, doing 5 miles in 62 minutes; yesterday 8 months on I did a mile more in 65 minutes, very happy with that as I ran naked (no podcasts/radio or music, except for what was supplied) as I thought it said no headphones to be worn, but kept a nice steady pace!

The atmosphere was great, I should have worn my c25k t shirt but went for the 5x50 one instead! I enjoyed clapping the finishers as I waited for my daughter and 4 year old gradnson to finish their mile (they started an hour after me!) :-)

Build your distances steadily & slowly and you will certainly manage 10k; and there will probably be less dodging through the crowds of buggies/dog walkers/fun runners/three legged racers which will make things a bit easier! :-)


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