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Aborted Run :(

Really disappointed I had to abandon my run after 6 mins last night my injured knee (hurt on a downhill park run 2 weeks ago) decided enough was enough and protested with every step :( I had to walk all the way home (luckily no pain walking) Did try a few more times to run on way home even on grass but no better. I am wondering if a week off will improve it? I have been doing 30 - 40 min runs every 2-3 days since I hurt it and was only having niggles until last night ! I am gutted it's the first time I have failed running :) x

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definitely rest it now , the RICE method :) have been there and done that and only just returned after injury and rehab/recovery of nearly 4 months ...

Don't rush to run again until it is properly healed and you fully recovered , you could do more damage and make it worse ..

Really do hope that just rest etc will be enough and you are back running soon :)


Ok thank you will try RICE. I am glad you are better now look after yourself ;)


thanks riding :) you too


Don't even think twice about taking a week off and you did the right thing by stopping your run. Try some stretching for your quads, hamstrings, etc while you're off.


I am no runner, but I don't understand the term "failed running"

Your are sick, at least your body is.

Look at it this way, If you had a cold or a temperature, cough, sore throat, migraine or other similar symptoms would you even consider trying to run? No! So whats different, at the moment your body is sick and needs a rest!

So you have to rest and I am sure you know that. A week off now and all will probably be healed, push it for another week or two and you might be off for a month, having visited the doctor, who is sending you for physio and suggesting you might just need an operation!!!!

Good luck

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Thank you don't really think of it that way but you are right I wouldn't run with a cold ;) this is my 3rd non run day and its hard but I definitely don't want to make it worse and end up with longer !


I was quite proud of that too, not sure where the analogy came from, but it clearly worked :)


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