Couch to 5K

So I'm a runner! Who'd have thought it?!

I decided rather at the last minute to do my last run of wk 6 tonight - I was going to leave it until tomorrow but got back from playing for my pupils at a school concert and thought...well,why not? It's not dark yet! When Laura said 'scared?' I thought ' oh yes!!' but just kept going and tried to think to the end of each five minute block ( I guessed, I don't have anything fancy to help apart from my watch..) and it was actually ok!! Although I do read posts on here most days, I'd forgotten that it's after this run that Laura tells you you're now a runner - and that really did feel great! So despite it being a fast day ( I do the 5:2 ) I went in and celebrated with a very nice glass of chilled Oyster Bay. And lots of water and stretching, of course - otherwise I'd be staggering around clinging to the furniture tomorrow 😱 still can't quite believe I did it! Roll on week 7! ( Haha I love these tags!!!)

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Brill!! Not long now until graduation!!


Thanks! I'm actually beginning to believe I can do it ( despite that awful music...!)


Well done! This was the point that I started to believe I viols do it, too. You've done the hard part, the rest of the program is about consolidation and beating those head gremlins. Keep it up!


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