Is there anyone out there?

This evening as I was pootling along the canal, I must have seen 8 or 9 other groups of runners. The thought occured to me: how many of them are C25Kers?

I wish there was some way of knowing. Are the three tall ladies loping along secret Laura devotees? Or the angry looking man in glasses? Or the curly haired girl who smiled at me?

If anyone runs along the Leeds-Liverpool canal between Appley Bridge and Parbold, give me a sign!


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  • Ooh, I like my tags: curly hair and angry!

    I have short dark hair and am quite tall, usually wearing purple, btw.

  • Not guilty but think the same everytime I see another runner. I wonder if they're doing the programme, how far through they are or if they've graduated.

    I wear my c25k t-shirt fairly regularly but have never noticed another one yet. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • I met a young lady in my first race who was both a C25ker and a WW same as me. She gave me a swig of her water as I'd got none. All for one and one for all sorta thing. I beat her so I bet she wished she hadn't! LOL We ran for quite a while together, helping each other round as it was dead hard

  • I'd definitely give you a swig of water Miss W!

    Hope Wimbledon assuaged your righteous wrath, btw. That did sound particularly vexing x

  • Oo mw I'm a WW too. Although I confess to being on the fat couch at the moment!

  • A t shirt?! Ooh, I want one!

  • They're loverly! I'm sure there's a link on here. I'll post it if I can find it for you. โ˜บ

  • I once posted that we should develop a secret signal for other 25kers - but it did lead to some rather risque suggestions!

  • I can only imagine some of the suggestions Ully!! Heaven help us.

    It's a great idea tho. โ˜บ

  • When I was in the gym I saw several people doing run walk. I assumed they were doing c25k. Then when I started running in the park I saw some groups of runners with a leader telling them what to do. It turns out there are a couple of c25k teams running in the parks. I got to cheer them on during their graduation run :)

  • I cannot tell a lie.. I WAS the curly haired and angry girl ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    But what's a WW? Wonder woman? ...

  • It means wandering wife........ obviously.

  • Wigan Warriors! Although I'm surprised there are so many rugby league fans on this forum....

  • well, its nice to know the REAL answer

  • Weight Watchers :D I prefer all the other options by far (although I've never done any of those activities. Apart from my own version of Wonder Woman.)

  • I'd love to even know that there is another C25K runner near me, but it hasn't taken off in France at all. I've found a couple of translations on line but it isn't known at all. I'd love to run along the canal with you - I run along an irrigation canal, I'm the one with the wild hair, red face and purple shoes.

  • An irrigation canal, I can't quite picture that. I know you're in and out of the vineyards though, which sounds ace. Glad our love of purple will complement each other on our virtual run :)

  • They are narrow concrete canals that bring river water through the area for people to be able to water the vineyards and their vegetable plots, gardens etc. So there are no barges, ducks or cycling lanes like in the UK. I do see the odd runner, but mainly blokes, and nobody here has heard of Laura.

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