12 days since last run

Okie dokie. Kids are back at school. So thought it would be great to get back out there. Im also doing the great north 5k on Saturday. So deffo need to get back out there.

So I dropped my son off at school in my running gear as i decided to run from the school. I only managed 10mins as i found it hard to stop start at traffic lights. I also was wearing the wrong clothes. It was damp and wet when I went ti school, so I was dressed for that. And low and behold sun comes out from behind clouds and Im steaming. No good this.

Does anyone else find it hard to run and wait for traffic lights? I usually use a cycle path. Thought something different


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6 Replies

  • Hate it! Really hate it! Normally it's not much of an issue for me as I only have to cross minor roads and waiting for a gap in the traffic is not too difficult normally.

    I really first encountered traffic light issues on holiday in Germany a few weeks ago as I ran at early morning rush hour time then.

    This morning I ran to the office and had to stop several times at lights and a nasty junction with lots of traffic. Unfortunately Birmingham rush hour us not a suitable time and place to ignore lights. But every time I started again it felt more difficult. At least that doesn't happen out on a trail.

  • I have a level crossing nearby and now give it a wide berth as it is so disruptive. I also avoid all traffic lights BUT am fortunate that in my local area that is not a huge problem.

    I now plan my routes whilst dog walking.

    It's funny how small gradients that I never noticed walking are now a big deal running !!

  • Traffic lights are a bit of a pain, especially when you're nicely in your bubble when you hit them, and the flip to red just as you arrive. I find running on the spot doesn't work, so run back the way I came from. Trouble is you have to try not to go too far, otherwise the light could catch you again. I've ended up running back and forth, with shorter excursions away from the light for slow lights. It's just a pain. At least you never hit a traffic light when you're spinning.

  • Can't help I'm afraid - no traffic lights at all where I live. I just have to cross two roads (one main, one smaller) and I hate having to stop. I try running on the spot but I feel like a right plank. :D Glad that you're able to get back out there for runs now - maybe try to plan a route with a minimum of roads to cross?

  • I always think you look daft running on the spot so I run up and down a little to kill the time - probably look equally mad!

  • Best to wait at traffic lights or get run over! 😂 Try and use a better route without all the street furniture in the way, and avoid crossing many roads.

    Get used to running in UK with changeable weather, it won't hurt you, try and ignore it, don't worry about it too much, just get out and do it, well done for getting back into it....

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