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Week 8 - crikey

Week 8 run 3 today - thunderstorms outside first thing when I usually run and when my husband usually rides to work. So no run first thing, had to take hubby to work so decided to run tomorrow instead.

So here I was 11am, still raining outside, but no thunder anymore. And I was feeling like a wound spring, full of energy waiting to escape!

So I decided to go out for my run in the rain right then, and I am so glad I did!

It was a lovely run, I got wet that much is true but, the rain was refreshing and I really enjoyed the run!

Awesome, week 8 - finished.

Week9 - graduation here I come!!!!! I😀😀😀

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I actually really like running in the rain. At least you're generally cooler. The only problem is not being able to see properly with rain streaked spex. Good luck on next week's runs.


Ditto, I love running in the rain apart from the specs issue which is made worse if its warm & they steam up lol.

Well done on getting out there 😃


Well done !

You are on the home strait now , going for gold ha ha :-D

Running in the rain is the dogs wotsits - I love it , nowt better ! :-)

I have a baseball cap , works a treat in the rain, keeps the rain off your specs !

Luvvly jubbly ! :-) xxx


Thanks everyone 😀 I'm still having moments where I think WOW I'm a runner, never thought I'd say that 8 weeks ago!

I can't believe how ansi I got today when I couldn't go for my planned run first thing, or how much better I felt once I was out there running! Guess it goes to show how much I'm enjoying running now huh?

I used a baseball cap to keep the rain off my specs too lol!


Fabulous. Nearly at graduation. 😀👏

Bring on week 9.


Did you know that when it rains there are positive and negative ions produced, (just before and just after) this can really have a great affect on your well being. Don't let the rain stop you next time :)


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