Couch to 5K

Almost there!!

Did W8 R3 today and managed the full 28 mins. I did the same with W8 R1 but on R2, only managed 23 mins as I developed a bad stitch through not breathing properly, which I couldn't as my mouth got so dry it was hard to swallow (it was 26 degrees here in Spain). Anyway, despite it still being hot today I decided to go again and took my water with me and did 28 mins reasonably comfortably. I am undecided now as to whether to do another 28 min run or to press on to Week 9, and go for the full 30 mins. My next few runs will be in the UK as I am on holiday, so I think I might give it a go and see what happens. So close to the end now I can't believe it!!

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I'd do all the runs as laid down by the programme. Stitch can be a nuisance but there are reasons for it but it can sometimes seem a mystery. I think it's either running too fast and jiggling your middle about too much, maybe to soon after eating, or I get it going up or down hill sometimes - again twisting the midriff a bit to much

If I get it I stop and touch my toes, then lift both arms into the air and run on with my arms still in the air. You can also lean in gently towards the side that has the stitch. If it happens again you repeat the touching the toes thing. It generally goes if you do that, and slow down til it does

Good luck with it!


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