6 k. Clever little cookie!

6 k. Clever little cookie!

Would you believe it ! This little ex-obese 68years littl' old lady just run 6k!

I can't believe it! There I was, trying hard to reach 5k and ended up doing 6.

This beach is 3k to the groyne so I went all the way and had to come back, right? Return was hard and easy. Hard because I was sore (hips) for the last 5minutes. Easy because our camp was in sight. Such a wonderful feeling.

It took me one hour.

Ps: sorry if the picture is upside down: Apple fault!

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  • This 68 YO man - salutes you!!

  • Ahhhh, us oldies have the endurance....

  • Nice work! Sometimes our route just dictates our distance for us. Sounds like it worked in your favor!

  • Thank you, yes it did. I am really chuffed!

  • Well done you!! That's brilliant πŸ˜„

  • That's brilliant, there's still life left in us 60+ year olds. happy running.

  • Fabulous!!!

  • Sounds brilliant. Well done :)

  • Well done! Running on sand, too - that probably added to the effort.

  • Packed sand with a few soft bits. Maybe 1 k or less of soft

  • Excellent. An example to us who are still a bit younger! Lovely picture too. Hope you have a nice holiday (assuming that's what it is. Well done!

  • Thank you. Yes holidays chasing the sun

  • Agree with agedsnailspace, twice as hard running on sand, but what a lovely view. Well done.

  • Fantastic, well done x

  • Amazing, hope I'm still running at 68, inspirational :)

  • Oh you will. You will find that you are as old as you feel or want. Thank you

  • Fabulous! Doesn't it feel great?

  • Absolutely! It is 10 hours since and I am still high!

  • Well done you especially on sand it's hard work, I know we go to Burnham -on- sea and the beach there is lovely for early morning jogs, I put a pic on similar to yours a while ago . As New-to-jogging said theirs still life after 60+ or 70+ in my case .πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌ

  • Well done you, that's great.

  • Simply fab!!! Well done xx

  • Well done , Amazing !

    Be very proud of yourself Missus, take a bow :-)

    Gorgeous view as well, my dream ( sigh ) :-) xxx

  • Well done, that's fantastic! What a stunning location, there's nothing running with a sea view.

  • gorgeous pic and what a fantastic run...well done you!!!

  • Yeeee-haaaah! Pompoms out and shaking for you here, girl! Well done. I hate running in sand - about as easy as wading though a pool of baked beans in a ball gown for me.

  • Thank you. I like the comparison! My husband would love that!

  • VERY impressed - and in this heat too. Go the over 60s!!

  • Well done you. That is such an achievement x

  • Good for you, and what a great feeling. Isn't it fab that us 65+ers can achieve stuff like this πŸ˜ƒ

  • Woooohoooo! Well done! Brilliant. That looks a fab place to run. I'm so jealous. I yearn to run by the sea one day

    Yep it's amazing how far we can go when we least expect it.

  • Fabulous stuff! Well done you. Running on sand is soooo hard. Lovely piccie and you certainly don't look like "a little old lady"!

  • Well thank you, with comments like this you are my new best friend!

  • Excellent!!! You go girl!

  • Congratulations on what sounds like an absolutely fantastic run. You did brilliantly and I am very envious of what looks like a lovely holiday spot!

    Just a thought, but I thought I was getting arthritis in my hips as they were really bothering me during and after running (lots of family history) but went to see an osteopath a few times and lo and behold, hips are great, not even the slightest bit stiff now.

  • Yes same here. I changed my diet months back and all soreness has disappeared. It looks like what you eat is what makes you. I just get sore when I overdo it.

  • That's good to hear :)

  • I'm 68 too (69 this month) and my hips hurt too. At first I thought 'injury' and followed the rest and recover programme recommended for younger runners. Three weeks on , no better. Have now decided it's just Anno Domini and creaking arthritis and have decided to run through it. I haven't the time left to cosset myself for months. Damn you body. Do what I tell you!

  • Hahaha, yes it is just a question of who is the boss. I am very lucky in that after years of soreness, I have managed to get rid of it by changing my diet. (And sun shine). Today, no pain and ready for a run but I will do the right thing and give it another day rest. Now I know if I can repeat 6k in one hour I should be able to do 5k in 50minutes and try a Parkrun once back home.

  • Oh and happy birthday for next month, just in case I don't get internet coverage where we will be by then

  • Thank you! Safe travels and keep thinking of that Park Run!

  • Very well done. Nice pic too. You are a wonderful advertisment for running :)

  • you are my new hero - fab fab fab!!!!!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒ

  • I'm a recent graduate and 60 and feel inspired I haven't managed more than 5k yet and that includes the warm up and warm down. Great stuff!

  • You will get there. The next run after graduation, I carried on running for an extra 10 minutes and realised that Regardless of how tired you think you are, you still have some puff in you. And with this 6 k run, I tricked myself to go to the end of the beach then had no option but to come back knowing breakfast would be served!

  • Wow very impressive - Well done :)

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