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breakfast for starters

hello all, great page and so much support I am hoping to learn from you all xx

Tomorrow morning I was going to get up, have some water and peanut butter and banana on brown toast, then start c25k.

hoping to go early morning when cooler, and do again on Thurs morning before an afternoon shift at work. wont be able to do then until Sunday as working long days.

do you think this will be ok? the breakfast and doing it tomorrow, thurs am and sunday? for week one??

any other tips greatly appreciated.

many thanks in advance

The sparkly one xx

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Don't see why not... Better doing some rather than none...great to see you here... Sparkly one... Enjoy this great programs .. Fran


thank you Fran xx is it tempting to want to do every day? should I have a rest day after each walk/jog/run?


I would follow Laura's advice as has worked well for everyone that's joined here... So do it one day then rest the next... You'll do well... All the best! Go sparkly one go!



Rest days are vital! Especially if you are just starting out! That will be when all the micro tears in your muscles get repaired and you get stronger. Good luck


Definitely rest as advised. It is easy to get carried away to start with and think you can run every day, but you run the risk of either hurting yourself or pushing too hard too fast and then you won't want to continue. Stick to the plan and you will be great.


Well done for starting. it needs to fit around life and you should take rest days. You may find your suggested breakfast a bit heavy to run straight after. I would be inclined to have some full fat plain yoghurt or fruit juice, then the other things afterwards. Good luck


well only YOU can know if that's too much to eat beforehand or not.. you need some energy for sure, but I find its also nice to have it as a ' treat' to come back to

Personally , I'd go for the 'banana'/water about half an hour at least beforehand...

Then give yourself a 'treat ' of a sandwich to come back to?

Have a ' sparkley' run though and good luck!


thank you to you all for your wonderful advice xx was very hot when I got up this morning so will go at dusk when it is cooler (hopefully)


i run tuesday ..thursday and sunday everyweek good luck with your run later


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