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Blood in the urine!

I had a hard 5K run at Parkrun on Saturday -- warning -- too much information to follow!!)

I try to make sure that I am hydrated well - but that invariably leads to the problem of wanting to visit the little boys room halfway during a 5K run. So I generally make sure that I am well emptied out before the run starts -- but perhaps this is not a good idea -- because after this hard run where I have to admit to pushing myself almost past the bounds -- I passed blood in my urine immediately after the run. It happened again on arrival home -- but went away after that.

Internet research all recommends a visit to the Dr - which I will do tomorrow - as it can be caused by all kinds of nasties -- BUT , previously unknown to me, it is apparently quite a common problem for runners!! Nobody including the Medicos knows why it happens - but the most common conjecture is that it is possibly caused by having a totally empty bladder before intense exercise ( plus also of course dehydration) . I don't think that I was dehydrated - however there wasn't a lot of urine flow -- so who knows?? I don't think that my Doctor will -- he still believes that a runners Max HR is 22-age!! :(

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I was listening to the gaffer of our local football team the other day and he was on about how being not being sufficiently hydrated can lead to injury. Drinking alcohol is dehydrating, so that's one to watch. Not saying that you were on the sauce or owt Baz !

I hope it was just as you say and nothing to worry about. How did you feel during and after the race? Was it very hot?


Everything was fine -- it's winter here so it was quite cold ( for us) 15C!!! I had no other symptoms - illness, pain, etc. and I am pretty well off the booze! :) Felt very good after a good run!!!


I thought so! More power to you Bazza. Are you going to the doc?


Glad you are being sensible and going to doc's tomorrow. Exact scenario post-run happened to my partner, problem caught mega-early so he has no ill effects six years on. Great that running gives us such good health awareness!


As someone who is on the injury couch with a second kidney infection I would say get it looked into. I am sure my first infection came from being run down with training for the HM and then not going to the loo while I was running the HM. Stupidly thinking of time rather than necessity. Once I have finished these antibiotics I will spend some time building myself up. Speed and distances can wait for a while. Hope you get to the bottom of it.


I had the same condition Bazza. I had passed blood twice immediately after running. I felt fitter than i had for years and was in great health so i ignored it. However I did go to the GP sometime later because of an ongoing back problem on which i had already had surgery. The GP asked if i had ever passed blood in my urine so i said i had. I was in the hospital the next day having tests, turned out that i had prostate cancer. I don't wish to be a scaremonger but it is well worth having it checked out. My personal assessment is that the blood in my urine was caused by exercise and dehydration and that it was coincidental that i also had the cancer.

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22- age? that would be low indeed.

Seriously though Bazza, I would suggest you pop down to the hospital and have it checked out today. Whilst it does seem not uncommon for distance runners, after a 5k is a bit less usual.


All the best for tomorrow - I hope it turns out to be nothing, but better safe than sorry!


Take the best of care Bazza. You've given out so much good advice to other people on here over the months and years, that I hope you won't ignore everyone's advice to you get get checked out very promptly. Really hope all's well :)


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