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Yes, I did it!

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Today, I did it! Week 9 run 3. I even mapped the route on the website: walkrunjog and it said I ran 4.88k - in 30 mins! I'm dead chuffed. Very nearly 5k. My previous run had been really hard, I did not expect to do so well tonight, but there you go - good runs and not good runs - who knows how it will be!

So, I'm a graduate mark 2 now - previously graduated last May. Its so great to feel part of this community of runners, to read about how everyone else is doing, and to feel part of people's ups and downs. Thanks for everyone contributing and making this an amazing community to be part of. So many of us run alone, but I never feel alone as I know that there's a whole load of other people out there, struggling to make it too. Happy Running :)

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Congratulations! Feels great doesn't it?

in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks! yes it feels fab!


Congratulations - and a great distance covered in 30 min. Enjoy your post- graduation (mark 2) running

in reply to Jellymum

Thank you Jellymum! I'm still feeling great today too. Looking forward to my next run!


Well done you! Many congratulations on finishing with a real flourish - with that pace you'll definitely have to set yourself some exciting new targets. All the best for the future

in reply to FABFiona

Thank you FABFiona! I'm hesitant to make too much of it, in case I let myself down ... but yes, maybe even a 10k is beckoning!!

Congratulations! And your pace is amazing :D All the best and happy running!

in reply to earlgreyholic

Thank you ! I'm still feeling high a day later!

Brilliant! Many congratulations and really good job. Great times too. It's true what you say about running alone. I always think of the virtual team here cheering me on the whole way!

in reply to Irishprincess

Thank you ! looking forward to the next 9 weeks...


Big congratulations to you on graduating. This running site is amazing for the support and inspiration it gives to everyone. I like you am very grateful that I found it :)

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