Checkin' in

Hey all.

Just checking in to excuse my long absence from these here parts and from running in general. I am not really sure that I can explain what went awry because I was loving my running and had made pretty good progress.

Without overthinking it, it is likely that I just tried to take on too much in aiming for a Marathon in April and subconsciously my brain objected to the idea of 30km+ training runs in February.

To cut a long story short, I fell off the running wagon despite really loving to run and am now ready to repent.

I did my first run of any kind for nearly three months last Thursday (a 5K run/walk), after which my quads felt like concrete, and have ran another twice since then including a slow (but nonetheless hard) 5K last night.

My intention is to run the Tonbridge Half Marathon again in October but I haven't signed up yet and will see how things go over the next 2-3 weeks before committing to a training plan.

I am about 4Kg heavier than I was this time last year and have, obviously, lost a heck of a lot on terms of fitness but I expect to put these things right pretty quickly.

It's great to see so many new posters (and runners) around. c25k is a fantastic program which helped this 55yo duffer from being a non-runner to running a 2hr 3min Half Marathon in just over 7 months - as well as many familiar faces/avatars too.


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  • Ah Dunder, so glad to see you back! Lots of people seem to go through the same stuff as you, just enjoy you r running for a bit xx

  • Thanks Curly and I will. The next few weeks I will be just gradually adding some distance and, hopefully, a wee bit of speed.

    Glad to see you back from injury too.

  • I consider every single run effort to be an achievement and I am only on run 11, you have achieved so much to be proud of! The biggest achievement of all was getting your lycra-clad glutes back on the wagon, well done that man :)

  • Thanks Talulah.

    You are doing great. For me weeks 4, 5 and 6 were the real 'meat and potatoes' of c25k and if you can get through that, you will sail through the rest.

    All the best.

  • I was worried about you, kiddo. I'm a chuffed bunny to see my main man Dunder back in his trainers and back on the forum. You made my day. That is all.

  • Aw shucks! :)

  • Me too Dunder !!!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜Šlovely to see you back and glad you're ok and back to it!we have missed you πŸ˜•πŸ˜†

  • Thanks Ali.

    Pleased to see that your bling collection is ever-burgeoning. Looks like a great even you are in for next week. I am dead jealous.

  • and getting to meet famous poppypug on sunday! yay! :)

  • How does one dress for such an occasion? Have you been practicing your curtsey? ;)

  • I know ! Bow down in awe! Its going to be fun as i think we are all going to go round the course together and poppy can show us the sights and keep an eye out for the giraffe!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • Ha ha ! :-) Oh yes, weve got to keep an eye out for Lanky, hes not getting away with it this time ! :-D xxx

  • Sprint finish and/or tactical overtaking if we see him! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • Just wait till Poppy sees this... :D

  • good to see you back Dunder!

  • Thanks Nick. Your marathon looks like it was really hard going but that is a good result.

    What are you up to now?

  • It was - but I have learned so so much for the next one and how to prepare better. Brighton and Dorchester next year are the targets ;)

    I am just training with the club at the moment to try shift some weight and get the HM time down!

  • Woo Hoo ! Yay Dunders back , Duff beers and Do'nuts on me ! :-)

    I have missed you and your little Homie Avatar , Welcome back !

    Right you know the drill Mr D, no shirking ha ha :-)

    * Poppy pug runs off into the distance cackling * :-D xxx

  • Welcome back Dunder :) Yes I think that trying to do too much too soon is a big risk in putting us off running for a while.

  • Merci Zev.

    It's great to see your progress lately. Your 5k PB is quicker than mine now.

  • Get back to it gently and you will be overtaking me again in no time :)

  • Welcome home! All prodigal sons (or daughters) warmly received.

  • Thanks GM and well done on the 10K.

  • Glad you've made it back!! I think the enjoyment must come first.

  • Great to hear you back on here Dunder, after straying from the fold! Love the challenge of a HM in October to get you back on the straight and narrow! I have a first 10 mile race in the same month to keep me focused. Good luck and let us know how things go!

  • Thanks Sandra and will do.

  • Lovely to see you back here Dunder! You just have to enjoy it, and it sounds like you are starting to getting the love back. This is such a lovely supportive community to post one's thoughts in anyway, whether one is running or not.

    And I'm not running at the moment because of a really stupid thing I did in February... she says mysteriously...

  • Uuuugggghhhh! I don't think there is anything I can say that you haven't already heard.

    Just know that you are in our thoughts. xx

  • Duuuuuuunnnnnnder!! We missed you! Welcome back to the fold.

    Happy running again. πŸ˜†x

  • Thanks Noaky. Hope the prognosis on your foot is good.

  • Dunder2004 great to see you back ☺

    Time to just enjoy running without to much pressure , well done on getting back out there 😊

  • Thanks Rob.

    Good to read about your progress too. My first 14k run was a bit of a stinker too. I take water on anything over 12k now.

  • I had tried to avoid carrying water but will do now ☺

  • Welcome back ☺

  • Thanks go-on.

  • Good to see you back. Take it steady, get the love back and away you go in your bloo shoes - or have you got some new ones to show us?

  • No noo shoos for the time being Annie :(

  • Glad to see you back Mr D.! Wondered where the heck you had got to.

  • Thanks OG. Tapering for the 'big one' now I see.

    All the best.

  • Dunder! Good to see you back.

    It's funny you mention falling off the wagon. In February I hit a distance PB of 13.5 k that I had been working towards and hoping to push beyond. And then I just stopped as well. No rhyme, no reason. I think it was burnout and too much focus on improvement goals, not enough running for enjoyment. It was a couple months off and I'm still working at developing the routine again, but running feels good again.

    I hope it's a smooth transition back for you.

  • Strange isn't it? Good to hear you are back on the wagon too, RWD.

  • Good to see you back, mate. Was a bit concerned!! I hope you well and truly get your mojo back. Happy running!

  • Thanks Steve.

    Strange thing is that I just didn't see it coming. I was really enjoying the runs after my HM.

    Hope you are getting close to full fitness after your hammy issues and well done on your growing bling collection.

    Just about to don my lightweight racing shoes and head out for a 'fast' 5K. I am fully expecting it to be somewhere between horrendous and comedic but it will be good to know where I stand.

  • The hamstring is almost better now. I've been surprised at how long it's taken to improve. The upside is, I've been spurred to make use of a really good sports physio (who is a runner) to get my body sorted out. There were/are all sorts of imbalances, weak muscles, tight muscles that were affecting my running style and making me more vulnerable to injury. I'm also getting a bit of coaching, which is great.

    Good luck with todays run - I'll look out for it!

  • How can I have missed this Dunder? I will go out and kill the fatted calf immediately. Trouble is it can run a lot faster than me...

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