Another 2 weeks out

Well after resting my injured knee for a week , using ice packs etc and physio as per the link Ali sent me my doctors appointment finally arrived. Well i say doctor, actually it was the practitioner nurse as no doctors available. After inspection she seems to think as there is no redness or swelling that it is most likely arthritic problem. Not totally unexpected as i smashed my knee to pieces when i was 17 in a motorbike accident. She suggests that Steroid injections will help so i'm booked in for that. Will see how it goes. I'm going to be gutted if i can't keep running. I've bought a knee support, will see if that helps too. Only problem, steroid injections earliest available appointment is 15th JULY!!!! . I love living on the Isle of Wight but there is a serious problem with GP shortages here. Oh well, off to the harbour to sit in the sun and drink a red wine or 2 :) . Have a good weekend everyone!


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9 Replies

  • Red wine or two eh??!! hope it gets sorted asap, need my Great South Run partner for October! :X :)

  • That's not good news paul. I feel for you especially as you were doing so well. The good thing is that steroid injections usually work immediately so you might be ok as soon as you have one. Fingers crossed.

    In the meantime enjoy that red wine and sunset.

  • Thats encouraging. I hope so. Surprising how much you miss running when you can't do it anymore :(

  • Hope you are feeling better soon and the injections do the trick :)

  • Thanks Ellou, hopefully. Going to go for a walk in my knee support tomorrow and see how it feels. :)

  • Good plan...stan. I've hurt my calf. I did it in week one or two, and it cleared up, but since I did week 5 run 2 it's back! I hobbled home. Been resting since (Thursday) and bought and used a foam roller today. I would normally go out tomorrow....will see how it feels and may drop back to Week 4 again or Week 5 run 1.It's so frustrating. We will crack it though...might just take us a bit longer.

  • Guess we should expect a few niggles . It is frustrating but we will get there. I'm going to go back to do week 3 when i start running again.Hope your calf is feeling better soon

  • Aw that's such a shame Paul, just when you were really getting stuck into it :-(

    Pesky ankles ! -Pah ! :-) xxx

  • yes Poppy, i am feeling a bit more encouraged today. People have told me that the injections are pretty good and can work wonders. Just a pity ive got to wait 2 and a half weeks to get them!. I'm going to go out still, just walk instead of run and wear my knee support. Need to keep in the routine mainly so i feel like i'm still doing something! :)

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