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Week 9 Run 1 done!!

Just done my first run of week one and reached 5K by making myself run for one extra little minute!

Had to have a serious chat with the gremlins this morning and eventually decided I was getting nowhere by sitting down so got myself out there and I'm so pleased with myself, even though it was very difficult to keep going at times! Couldn't believe I was so close to the 5k mark (a bus stop of all things) when Laura said 30 minutes was up, so I had to keep going.

I don't post here much but I'm always looking at the forum to see what everybody is up to and it's so encouraging to have a community of people behind you every step of the way!

Graduation date isn't all too far away now :D

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Better start planning that graduation party CIH. Virtual cake and cyber champagne all round?? ;)


Of course! Enough virtual cake for all of us!


Well done, i am having the same problem with the gremlins at the moment. I cant do it :(


Stand up to them! You can get the better of them :)


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