Couch to 5K stamina

Tried this podcast today after a week of (three) slightly aimless post- graduation runs. Apart from the slightly odd music it was great to have help from Laura again and reminded me that I can run for 30 minutes when I put my mind to it. So for me it worked and I recommend ; will use it again for some different routes. I know there had been some discussion already but am keen to know views of others on the stamina and speed pod casts.

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  • I have tried the speed podcast and I would recommend it!

    Since then I have ran it a few more times and my average pace (even on my 'slow' runs) has improved. I have also taken over 50 seconds off of my 5k PB. I think the 165 bpm is probably a bit fast for me but I just run as fast as I can trying to keep up!!!!! It does really push you hard but given it is short I think it is really effective.

    I need to try the stamina one now .................

  • I like all 3 of the post c25k podcasts & use them all quite regularly. I just mix them up depending on my mood!

  • Have done speed podcast today - I am totally useless at keeping the cadence, but find useful Laura's prompt. Have been using all the c25k+ podcasts on and off, since graduating last year - especially on days where I just don't feel like running!

  • For improving your 5k times, you can't beat the speed podcast (or your own modified version of it ) . I thoroughly recommend it.

  • I use them all regularly. They're just right for my early morning pre-work runs. Recently I've tried using week 1 & 2 from C25K but instead of walking & running I've been jogging for the walking bits & trying to go faster in the running bits (hope this makes sense!)

  • I use them all, Stamina is my favourite!

  • Thank you all for your input. Very helpful!

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