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I have been meaning to do this for so long now.......

With my 'fast' 5k now consistently around the 29 min 30 sec region (and missing my first run ever due to work commitments earlier in the week) today was the day!

I went back to the flat, grassy field of my pre-graduation runs for added nostalgia (but mostly for convenience and safety from traffic :))

So, how was it? Mostly, I am really surprised it didn't actually give me a heart attack. With 4 of the 6 intervals done I felt awful. I managed to complete it though and for some reason I now can't quite fathom I continued running around the adjacent mini-wood for another 5 minutes or so.

The thing that I am most chuffed about is coming back and seeing my Garmin data. I can't believe how fast I was!!!!! My fastest moving pace / pace over the 1 minute intervals is miles faster than my normal target "fast running". I did over 3k during the podcast with each km being at least 30 seconds faster than my normal target pace. Granted, there is no way I could have kept it up for 5k (without dying) but I am astounded!

Miss Wobble - I think I am (surprisingly) hooked and will be repeating this once a fortnight for the foreseeable!

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Intervals can be more fun than you might expect. I did the C25K+ podcast for several weeks and now I've moved on to this:


Thanks for this. Given my little legs were going flat out on the 165 bpm the thought of 180 bpm at the mo just makes me feel dizzy :)


I have just realised that it is by Chrissiesmiles of Junior Parkrun fame :)


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