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W7R1 & 2 miles!

W7R1 & 2 miles!


Technical difficulties meant I was running without listening to the app today and I didn't even check the time until I knew I'd hit a mile and a half (running on a track so distance is easy to judge) and was surprised to find I still had 7 minutes left. I hit 2 miles with about 30 or 40 seconds to go so I am making really good time.

I was totally on my own tonight and had no issues with anxiety, heart rate was great and I suddenly realized I have found my rhythm and could have kept running. I guess I have actually "learned to run!".

I don't have any lofty goal after this of furthering my distance or doing any races. This is already so much more than I ever expected.

Interestingly over the last 7 weeks* (ok, not 7 weeks becasue I take longer rests) a lot of other things in my life have fallen into place. I have learned not to procrastinate as much. I am finding I am more disciplined in other areas. My house is even cleaner.

I have taken up yoga too, something I have wanted to do and struggled with. I am 100% certain that the strength I built up running is what now allows me to do and enjoy doing a beginner's yoga routine video. I'm up to 5 days now in a row for that, and I am meditating using every day.

I guess I never really understood the concept of self care until now. I think it's fascinating how C25K has lead to other improvements.

Maybe I'll even end up getting my eyebrows under control one of these days. post run pic attached!

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Well done - it's great when you start to feel it taking effect isn't it?

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Well done you! Those are a lot of other benefits due to this running thing so a big pat on the back to you for getting them done. And I would gladly take your eyebrows as mine are pathetic!

Ps has anyone told you you look like Anne Hathaway? Very pretty.

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