Couch to 5K


My god that was hard. I did quite a lot of hilly bits and struggled until my last 5min run which was on the flat...ran an extra minute but felt a little faint. I'm combing this will a Slimming World diet so few carbs, and the 30 day shred (although staying on level 1 as I'm just fit enough to combine that with this).

I'm giving myself 3 months to lose a stone and a bit: nearly 3 weeks in but only lost the 'bit' :0(

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I have done S/World. Are you doing the Original plan? Extra Easy might work better for you on running days, unless you are avoiding carbs for health reasons? If you need any advice, I lost 3 stone on S/W and always happy to help. It changed my life - so much more self esteem now. Good luck! 😀


Thanks for this. I think avoiding carbs hasn't been great for me, as I have felt slightly faint on occasions. i had some potatoes this evening and will up my porridge oat intake as I don't have bread (gluten intolerance). Doing this and 30 Day Shred is so blinking hard. I think you are right about having carbs some days.

Well done losing 3 stone. Any tips would be great. I'm not a foodie so am not too worried about what I eat so long as I eat. I am dairy intolerant and avoid gluten. I eat pretty healthily anyway and early drink. I've only been in SW for 2 weeks. Week 1 I put on a 1lb and last week lost 4lbs. Been exercising more this week but also had some naughty snacks (my mum made me eat an eclair last week as I was feeling faint, and my son bought me a cookie today...hard to say not when he would be offended!).


Keep up the running and the weight will fall off quickly enough - and well done for running up hills!


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