Couch to 5K


I am just one run from graduation. Frustrating as I just picked up a head cold. So close and yet so far. Travelling I did week 9 run 2 in the bush on a lovely dirt track. Kangaroo prints. Had bought myself some comfi trail shoes. Works magic on dirt tracks.

If lucky I will graduate tomorrow but doubt. I may have to wait next week when the head cold is gone. Frustration frustration frustrations!!!

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The "like" is for the roo prints, not for the cold. Oh boy. It's enough to make me want to go out and play pooh-sticks with Roo and Christopher Robin.

So near and not so far... Get some vitamine C down you, drink plenty of fluids and get well soon!


Thank you. I got myself some cold tablets and after four days, this morning I managed the last run. Four days late but I did it.


As much as you probably want to - don't rush it.

You won't lose any physical fitness with a short break whereas running when you are under the weather will be really debilitating.


Thank you Dundee. You are right. I waited and four days later I did the last run. Yippee for me!


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