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Flattery will get her everywhere!!

I have started a 10 week plan to get me to a HM in 10 weeks time - this is a run/walk plan.

This morning I was doing a 7 klm run/walk and at about the 6 klm mark, I happened to be doing one of the 1 minute walk segments. I heard somebody coming up behind me - looked around and saw it was a somewhat lithesome young lady, all of probably mid -20's ( or something) . You know the type - with the bobbing ponytail :) She slows down alongside me and encourages me to start to run again. I tell her that I am starting afresh after a 7 week break and am doing run/walk to build myself up to a HM. Oh she says - are you just starting out running ?? I explained to her that no, I have been running for some time - but I am a bit conservative because amongst other things, I am 68 years old. She gasps - and says -- Oh, I thought you were only about 50 !!:)

Made my day - that did . I asked her what she was doing today - she says - it's my long run today . 32 K and I still have 5K to go. Bye! She was barely even breathing when she ran off. How can you run for 25 K and not appear to be breathing???

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Once you've got it , you never lose it Bazza !

I bet that made you run with a spring in your step :-D xxx


Lovely - that should keep you smiling for a bit. With regards to the girl - she might well be breathing a little harder in 40 years' time. The energy of youth...i could do with some of that. I do wonder though how people manage to fit these really long runs into their schedule. I guess if she runs twice as fast as me, it may not actually take her that long (and not having a family and teenage kids may mean more time too).


I don't even know how they manage to find 32Klm routes that are suitable to run.!!


Yes that's another thing....i was wondering the other day how I would train for a HM around my local area! Fortunately I have no such ambitions at present!


He he, are you sure she was real? Not a mirage (a talking one)?

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I like this. My thoughts as I was reading...who cares if she is an alien or a robot she said the right thing :)

Well done you!

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Great stuff! I really wonder how people fit training for a long run into their lives too. It all takes so much time!


At that age it could take her a bit over 2 hours to run 30 km.. think of how much time some spend on facebook while they could be out running!!!

I am very lucky and can fit long runs any day of the week (on the other hand I live on about 100 £ a week , but mine it's a lifestyle choice), but I know several busy - very busy - career-oriented parents who still do it - it is really a question of "you don't have time, you make it"

[something I am still working on!!! ;) ]


Nicely brought up young lady there Bazza! Bet you felt a million dollars, so you should! Good to see you're home and straight back into routine!

Just one thought ... You think she was telling the truth?

Here is my confession ... A few runs after my C25K graduation I was getting towards the end of a hot and humid 5km tagging along behind my speedy running friend (who had slowed up a few gears for me whilst I tried to find a new gear to keep up with her) .... When a huge, pavement-filling, ambling bunch of tourists with lots of children of various ages started with the "Go on, keep going"; "Don't give up" type of comments.

Me: "Thanks gasp a lot gasp gasp."

Then, from the kids: "You'd be faster if you walked, hahaha, heeheehee" as we dropped off the kerb and tried to get round them ....

Me to self : "grrrrrrrr";

Me to them (no gasping): "Give us a break kids, this is the last K of 25" ...... Oooo the shame (wicked pleasure) as said kids then changed tune to "Dad Dad they've run 25 km and its so hot and so dark and Dad Dad look they've run so far" ...... As I picked up my heels and 'sped' off to complete our long run in style!

You do only look about 50 though Bazza, no word of a lie!


You show them that old dogs CAN do new tricks !! Hope the training continues to go well.


take the age comment as a sign of how good you are looking - I'd love to be mistaken for 18 years younger! As for the breathing, she has clearly weaned herself off oxygen and should tell us how it is done! Is it like weaning babies?


That's brilliant! And she's right... you don't look your age :) .. She could be an ultra mountain runner... when you see them running up mountains they look like they are just strolling about!


I dunno Baz. The glory of youth. Sigh

Lucky you! 50!!!! Ha ha. Keep on running. You could run your clock backwards. In fact that's what us older runners are probably doing. Well, not me cos I feel 90 at the moment.

Good luck with the HM training! Have fun


Oh bless, we need more ponytail bopping runners like that!


How lovely and friendly!! I always think all runners look youthful and full of energy🏃

Good luck with your training!!


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