No fractures!!!


I have a severely inflamed bone and a badly pulled muscle but no cracks on the surface of the bone :)

It's ibuprofen and complete rest for today, then ibuprofen gel and very light exercise until it's healed up properly which should take 8-10 more days... But I'm ok with that :) I have to wear a support bandage for a bit but I can start running again soon :)



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14 Replies

  • good news

  • Well that's very positive! You have permission to lie around eating super low cal veg soup and do bicep curls with a couple of tins of beans! See - no rest on this forum!!!

    Hope you mend soon x

  • oh wow, 8-10 days, it could have been so much worse if there were any fractures. That's great news!

  • very good news :) recovery time will go quick ,:)

  • Excellent news. I've a terrible fear of stress fractures.

  • Better news☺

    The gel didn't work for me and I am off the ibufren as it justs masks what's going on. I am rolling a tennis ball under my foot as i type 😯

    I hope you find relief quickly and can crack on with your running ☺

  • Oh by the way, what test did you have for that diagnosis to be reached ? MRI or a bone scan ,etc?

  • Just an X-ray :) the specific pain (where they thought the fracture was) is quite far up the shin so if it was broken it would be an obvious crack and most likely visible on an X-ray, so they said no need for a bone scan :) I didn't even know bones could get inflamed! Apparently the swelling around the bone and across my shin worried them a bit because it looked a lot like a fracture, but X-rays were all clear so they are happy :) it's a common injury in runners and the way to tell if it's muscular or boney is: if it hurts immediately when you stand up after a 10 minute rest, then eases off as you walk then it's muscular, if it doesn't hurt when you stand up but hurts after walking around a bit, it's probably boney :) I've been given strict instructions that if it happens again, DONT RIN IT OFF as I probably made it 100 times worse by ignoring it for so long! Silly girl!

  • That's really good news. You may need to build up more gradually than first time round though? Lots of luck for speedy recovery and getting back to running :)

  • Haha I learned this the hard way! Lots of incline walking and running on treadmills and not country tracks from now on!

  • Bit of plain bad luck too... Better luck next time :)

  • My own silly fault, should have stopped immediately when it hurt and not carried on for a week! Ah well, 10 days isn't that long in comparison with the rest of my, much healthier life :)

  • I had gaps in my c25k progress with colds n things, I know it's not the same as having an injury, but I tried to run when I still had a cough and made myself worse. So I remember that feeling of impatience, of not wanting to let anything stop me. Its only natural that you would have kept going I think. But yes lesson learnt!

  • I'm glad you've got a positive diagnosis and you'll be better quite soon but could you please repost, cut out and frame your sentence above so that we all remember it - "should have stopped immediately when it hurt and not carried on for a week" :D We all tend to think that it might go away if we don't pay any attention and carry on running...

    I hope the 10 days pass very quickly for you :)

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