A bit of a relaunch - No more Frank Gallagher

A bit of a relaunch - No more Frank Gallagher

Does anyone remember Frank Gallagher from Shameless? I’ve been channelling my inner Frank over the past fortnight with lots of heavy drinking, sporadic social smoking, junk food a-plenty & more late nights than I care to remember.

It’s not all my fault, though. It’s been Festival Time at work and I’ve barely had any time to think, let alone run, amid all the packed days, very early mornings and ridiculously late nights. Yesterday I bit the bullet and went on my first run in a FORTNIGHT. I couldn’t believe it had been so long! I was anticipating a struggle and, yes, I was pretty slow to begin with. I braved a couple of inclines early on to try and tap into that CV system as quickly as possible and actually it went reasonably well. On the C25K timeline it was officially W9R2 but I’m going to treat it as W9R1 as I think I need to build on the fitness I’ve undoubtedly lost over the past fortnight.

I go to Glasto on Tuesday so I plan to have completed the programme by then! It’s taken roughly 2 1/2 months for me to get this far (I started on April 2nd) but I still feel like it’s been an incredible journey. I’m feeling positive about getting back on track and leaving those nasty habits behind, once more!! Hope everyone is having a cracking week!


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12 Replies

  • For the last couple of years I have run at 5.30 in the morning at WOMAD. The guys on the fire towers can't quite believe it, but it is a great way to start the day.

    Good luck with the last runs.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • What a great idea! I will pack my running gear & try and fit at least 1 run in during the Festival! Thank you :-D xx

  • I have to ask , what does WOMAD mean ? :-) xxx

  • World Of Music And Dance.........now with events worldwide, but we only go to the English version, at Charlton Park, Malmesbury. It doesn't have the 'edge' of say Glastonbury, but the quality of the music is guaranteed, in beautiful, serene parkland. Always a treat for the ears, but also with some very pleasant run routes just off site.

  • Ah I see, I was thinking all sorts !

    That sounds perfect Ianno, very idyllic xxx

  • Walking On Mud And Duckboards, one year.....Wasted On Merriment And Drink....gets nearer the usual experience. We work in the disabled access field, so mud is a nightmare and alcohol is forbidden on duty, so in fact we aim for a safe and sensible middle way.....as responsible adults.......naturally.

  • Of course Mr Truffe ! I wouldn't expect anything less from a man of such fine stature !

    When you say " You work " what work is it ? xxx

  • Everything from helping people put their tents up, litter picking, checking loo rolls, manning gates, etc up to the toughest job...manning the viewing platforms around the main stages to make sure only those entitled to be there are present......which can get pretty hectic, but does give you the best view of the stage. It is a great privilege to help people have a good time and we have made some great friends. I always prefer to be at a festival with a purpose, otherwise the whole thing becomes a bit hedonistic.....which is what most folk go there for.

  • Ah , good stuff ! These festivals and events wouldn't be able take place without people like you . That's a very important role you have there Mr T xxx

    Plus you get to see all the bands ! :-) xxx

  • he was one of my fav characters :D I think we all have had a inner Frank in us at times ... C25k is a brilliant way to exorcise those demons and life a healthier and yes happier life ...

    Enjoy Glasto and good luck with your remaining runs :D

  • Thanks Rob! x

  • A small fall from the wagon isn't a disaster and it sounds like you are ready to get properly back on.

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