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Couch to 5k: Week 9 Run 1

Ok, today was the first run on week 9 and I did it. Last year I got to week 8 before I realised that I needed to see a physio over foot pain that was unbearable. It was the dreaded plantar fascitis. Now, after physio, I am on the last 2 runs prior to graduation and it feels fantastic. I did use my phone to track distance which appeared to show that I was running 5k which I know is not right based on fitness level etc etc. So I used another app during the run and I know that I am not at 5k pace yet but I am running about 4.5k pace for the 30 minutes which is good, I think. Not feeling too bad after the run but it's a whole day of work to go on top of the run so I think my legs might be painful later on....

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Brilliant blunta. You're nearly there. Keep stretching after each run and keep moving through the day and you should be fine and just enjoy the satisfaction that you've done your run today!


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