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Use it or lose it ---

In only 3 weeks.

Being now back in Auckland after 3 weeks on a cruiseship between San Francisco and here, I discovered during a 8 klm road run over hilly ground this morning (my first roadrun since leaving SFO) that I have decidedly "lost it"!!!

I did a number of treadmill runs during the intervening time and thought that they were doing my cardio a lot of good. I was able to run for a full hour on two occasions at an easy pace and other 30 minute tempo paced runs at quite high HR's. But the lack of road running certainly showed in my feet and calf muscles this morning. I have a 10k "race" in 3 weeks time so I think I will have to rebuild my ability to go the distance between now and then and forget about any time goal.

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A cruise! I have yet to dip my toe into that baby boomer experience. Do you recommend it Bazza?

I agree. Running outside seems a whole different game to the treadmill. But I'm sure you'll quickly get back into it. Do you use a foam roller on aching muscles? I have purchased one but am a bit clueless on how to use it and feel I may be doing more harm than good.

On a different topic: have you noticed any serious athletes hurtling around in Auckland today? My son has just arrived there and said the streets seem to be full of highly-honed bodies obviously rehearsing for the big Ironman in Taupo next weekend. I think he is feeling a bit intimidated. Motherly cheer-leading is obviously going to be needed next Saturday.


This was our 20th cruise in 7 years - so I guess you could say that we enjoy it. This one was a sector of the Queen Elizabeth World Cruise and they are a bit different to your usual 2 week cruise in the Med or Caribean . Tuxedo for men every 2-3 days for example. But where else can you dress for Dinner these days?😃

I have seen quite a few runners along the Auckland waterfront - but nowhere near the numbers I saw in San Francisco!

I don't use anything to massage slightly sore muscles - just a 2 day rest until the next run. It is amazing to me how quickly muscles become unused to impact.


One dresses for dinner every evening at the Turtle residence. Doesn't everyone?

A lot of cruise ships come into Napier these days but they are HUGE and I fear being locked up with people I may not like and being unable to escape from them for days on end. Some people are afraid of flying...I am afraid of cruises!


Good old New Zealand hills! I felt quite proud of my running (nice flat street-running in Manchester) till we went out to NZ last summer & I went for a run in Wellington. What a wake-up call! Brooklyn hills. a) I got lost and b) nearly killed myself on the hills. So steep. Had forgotten . And Auckland must be just as bad, all those volcanoes! I'm sure you'll get used to it again eventually Bazza, good luck with the retraining ;-)


It'll come back Bazza...are your shoes OK? I remember you said you'd bought some with thin soles...


Welcome back to dry land Bazza! Is it safe to mention cricket to an Australian in NZ??? I'm sure your fitness levels are fine with all that treadmill work. 3 weeks for your muscles to forget what to do, 3 weeks for them to re-learn. You'll be fine.


Sounds like a great cruise Bazza. At least you kept your cardio up over those 3 weeks. I'm sure your body's memory for road running will kick in sooner than you think. It's not like you've lost any real fitness I wouldn't imagine. Good luck with your training :)


I'd highly recommend cruising. Can't do it as often as I'd like. The first one was a last-minute deal - 7 nights in a balcony cabin for £300 each. We would never have done it otherwise, because we thought it would be boring. It isn't. We were hooked.

On a running note, we were on a Mediterranean Cruise when I was on Week 3 of the programme last year. There was a jogging track on the top deck, and I ran there. It was brilliant. As well as giving me a boost in the early stages by being flat & non-slippy, the views were frequently fantastic. The first day was as we passed by Stromboli, and on a another run-day, we were leaving Athens. It helped me get over the panic of having to run for a whole three minutes. (Boy - how things have changed).


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