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Post-race bun report

Post-race bun report

I had been waiting to post my race reports in hopes of getting a photo of me running. There are several, ALL with my eyes closed. So you can have a picture of my first medal instead :)

The race was early Saturday morning from a local small rural town through the countryside to a local farmer's market. It was fantastic. You had the choice of signing up for a half marathon, an 8 mile run, or an 8 mile 'bun'. The bun included two mandatory pit stops to consume *larger than advertised* cinnamon buns. Of course I signed up as a bunner. Eating fast is a skill of mine. (Surprisingly there were only 67 of us braving the additional tasty challenge compared to ~200 folks running the 8 miles no bun)

It was sunny and hot already at 8am. I took off too fast at the start, as I was very excited and the crowd pulled me along. But not the worst idea to go for 'positive splits', since after each bun I expected to slow down. It was lovely and flat for the first 5k with only some minor hills as we exited the town and started running along country roads. At kilometer 5 I hit my first bun stop. My technique was to slow my speed down slightly before hitting the stop so that I could easily down the bun without being out of breath and feeling ill. Down the hatch, no problems, was hungry from the outset. Passed loads of people with my eating skills. Got my number autographed to indicate the first bunning was complete and off I went.

Next up the big hill on the course. Unfortunately my knee which has been giving me some grief decided to remind me that I'm not a superhero, the rest of the race was a run-walk, which I didn't mind, it's been a couple months since I ran 8 miles and hadn't put the proper training in to run the whole thing. Lots of us were sneaking walk breaks. One of the farmers had just put fresh manure in their field, so the views were breathtaking in addition to the smells. Whooee! Then down the big hill after a quick turn-around to admire the view.

Was running out of steam shortly after that and thinking I might walk the rest of the race when the second bun stop appeared at 10k. Second bun didn't go down as easily as the first. I was a little too tired and didn't have much of an appetite, but hey-ho you had to eat it before you moved on. Medieval lords and ladies were cheering us on from horseback at this stop, didn't question who or why, I just appreciated the support as I stuffed the bun in my mouth. Splash of sports drink and I was on my way again. Eventually the sugar kicked in and my feet again had some spring in their step.

Passed a farmhouse with kids cheering us on, and then rounded the bend to a group of ladies with motivational signs that were slightly lewd running related slogans. Had a chuckle as I pushed to the last mile. Snuck in a quick walk break before rounding the bend to enter the farmer's market so I could squeak out a sprint finish.

First medal in my collection and it's HUGE. Handmade by one of the artisans at the market. Totally pooped at the end of the race and my knee telling me it's icing time. Official time 1:26, which happens to be identical to the time I ran 13 k two months ago, except this time with buns and hills. Racing really does make you run faster. Looking at my Garmin splits the first bun and sports drink went down in ~2 minutes, the second one in ~3 minutes.

Will be returning next year. I hope to improve on both my running, and my bunning times.

Happy running folks.

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That sounds like a fab idea. Also sounds like you did an ace job. Nice bit of bling there too☺ Nice one all round.


Really like that bling ;)

Sounds like a brilliant day and a lovely balance of challenge and fun. Well done.


Hahahaha :D Fabulous post RWD. I completely love the idea of a bun run, although personally I'd be doubled up with indigestion if I tried to eat and run like that. I am well impressed with both your running AND your bunning, so many congratulations m'dear. Great bling too :)


Brilliant run report RWD, really enjoyed reading that! Mmn cinnamon buns....... well done, sounds like my kind of race! 😊like the bling too 😊

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What a fab race report RWD! I have no clue how you managed to eat those buns while running a race! Would you have been disqualified if you'd thrown them up? Ha ha.

Fab medal too. Love it. Really well done. Lovely post.


Well done you. I have such a struggle eating while and after running, I am not surprised you struggled a bit. Sounds like a really fun day though. Great time and great medal. I had never heard of these sort of races and then I think juicy ju put up a link to different races including the Krispycreme doughnut one . Not for the faint hearted


~Wooohoooo that sounds a right blast!!! When you described your second bun with sweet drink I was there with you. Ew, sugar rush!

That sounds completely mad that does. What a great event!! Medieval Lords and Ladies on horseback. Well why not!

Well done and what a medal!! Fantastic that is.

Running, cinammon buns, medal. Great day out that is!


This is fab!! 😀 sounds fun !! I wonder who thinks of these ideas?? Funnily enough there is a cinnamon bun shop just opened near our apartment. Lovely medal too. For a first bit of bling that one has set the standards high!! Now you have a whole year to do bun training!!


That's hilarious ! (but it would make me feel really sick) you are obviously someone with a very strong constitution. Kudos !


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