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Back in the game!

So chuffed! After my calf muscle injury just over two weeks ago whilst enjoying a game of 'it' with my children, this evening I tentatively went out for my first run since it happened. I decided to drop back to the beginning of week 4 (I had just finished week 4 when 'it' happened!) and I am ecstatic to say that I completed the run, no twangs, no twinges and one big smile on my face. Ok, so I'm 3 weeks behind where I had hoped to be by now, but so far so good...I' m back and running. Sorry games of 'it' for a while!! Keep running people...

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I think most of us got our running plans interrupted by injury at some point in C25k. I know i did - twice. Fortunately you picked up where you left off without too long a lay off, which is great news ☺

Keep up with the stretches ☺


Great news. You'll be champion at 'it' as your speed increases.


Well done for sticking at it! Its easy to have setbacks but it feels fantastic every time you acieve a run doesn't it x


Pleased for you - bet it feels great. I am currently waiting for a calf tear to heal. Hope to be back running in 3-4 weeks according to my physio. And guess what, I was also playing a variation of 'it', when it happened at the school in which I work! Kids eh!


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