Couch to 5K

First 5k run (and second)

I decided on Friday tha the other half and I could go and do W7R2 round our local 5k Park Run route. Here is the weird part. I got to the point where the app I am using said "now start your cooldown". At this stage I had already gone past the 4k mark so I just said to hell with it - if I am this close I may as well finish the route!!! (seriously - from someone who had great difficulty finishing the runs in w1!!)

Was within 60 cm of the finishing line when I heard "workout complete" - given that I hadn't bothered with the final 5min walk, it meant that I had completed the 5k run in approx 30.5!!!!!

So impressed that I had completed it, but raging that I had missed the 30 min mark by so little so I ran it again yesterday - 29 mins 15seconds!!!

It felt brilliant!

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That's brilliant, well done you!


Wow you are super speedy! I am still chasing a sub 30 minute parkrun. Well done!

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