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5K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally made it, just completed my 3rd 5k of the week!

What a great plan, 9 weeks ago I struggled with the first run an was a bit doubtful of whether I could make it but it really does work, would recommend it to anyone! So pleased with myself, gonna sign up for the local monthly 5k race in July (although it's a bit uphill and down dale, not like my nice flat road route!!) How do I get my graduate badge???


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Congratulations! Ive only just done Week 1 R 1.


JR21 from directory link at top of the page for your badge. Very well done. It's great to hear you plan to continue with 5k runs. I think one of the best things about achieving something like this is the confidence it gives to tackle other mountains! The sky's the limit! Go for it! :)


Brillant! you must be feeling on top of the world.


Congratulations, have you looked to see if there are any Park Runs in your area, they arent as competetive as a race, you only compete with your own time. I have done 3 since graduating and love them.


Hi henriatta,

Yes I've looked at the park run site, looks really good, I'm in Essex and the nearest one to me is probably greenwich, bit of a trot to get there but nice place . There's also one in Whitstable and we've got family there so will probably do that one next time we visit them..


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