What could be nicer than a British summers morning with the sun twinkling in the sky and the birds singing their latest albums in the trees? Not much I'd say. As I am now employed for a few months, my running routine has switched from "Lazy Late Morning" to "F***ing Early Morning" and so far I've kept up with MyAsics Plan that I'm doing for my Half Marathon in October. This week saw two 8K runs along my usual river route - the first one was good, the second one unbelievably hard, but I managed them OK which is the main thing. Tomorrow is a 12K "comfortable" and I'm about to work out a nice route using that website thingy....what's it called......er.......MapMyRun! That's it.

My health is still recovering from my hideous chest infection and I'm about 80% fit I'd say. I can definitely still feel a weakness in my chest and still can't laugh heartily (like I used to do a lot). Whenever I attempt to really laugh my head off I end up collapsing in a coughing heap! At least though my fitness levels are good enough to do my running and that's all that counts for me baby.

So to all those lovely peeps running long ones and short ones tomorrow (Sunday), allow me to wish you Godspeed and don't forget to stretch afterwards. So important.

MyAsics Plan has another two weeks worth of 8k /8K / 12K before an almost mammoth 16K which will be my longest ever run. I've already lined up my "Pace Beeatch" to make sure there's someone there to call paramedics when I break down in a heap. I'm sure I'll be fine!

Until we meet again on this forum that we call the .....er....... forum!

Ciao tutti

Yer pal



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  • thats a brilliant effort Dan, especially when still a bit lurgy ish! HM plans are going well!

    i like the Pace Beeatch idea, might try that tomorrow, they have pacers at our race!!


  • Thanks ALi. Did you find a pace beeeatch?

  • Good going Dan. I would just look at the change early mornings as bringing forward something that you would probably have to do anyway once the temperatures begin to get uncomfortable.

    I start my HM plan on Wednesday and that block of "8Km Fast" and "12Km Comfortable" does look a bit indimidating.

  • I know what you mean. I tend to ignore the word after the distance amount....!!

  • Ha ha. Love your posts Dan. You're doing brilliantly at the running thing but the laughing thing needs more work methinks.

  • I agree. Laughter is always the best medicine!

  • Aaal a can say iz divint laf then yu divvy!!!! Ha ha! ;) well done pet!!! You're doing marvellous!!!! Puts my little 5ks to shame! But I'm happy!!!!

  • Ayyy wor lass! Divint worry aboot me feckin' putin ye to shame for jaysus sake! God that was a terrible attempt at Geordie which ended up sounding half Geordie, a quarter Irish and a smidgen of Scottish!

  • Onwards and upwards you are making a grand recovery there Dan... Your training is going brilliantly and I think you will sail that 16k.... :)

  • I bloomin' hope so Juju. My HM chum is one hard task master and alarmingly demanding. You know the sort.....

  • I am following the same plan(well sort of I did 10km instead of 8km, it was rather cool and wanted to get back) apart from squeezing it in for my Hm in August. Next week is my 16.1km and a little worried....will I make it (it will be the furtherest I have been too๐Ÿ˜•) shall I take fuel and what should I take? Where shall I go, shall i include the hill ...so many questions.

    I hope you get to 100% soon. Running next to river sounds fab!!

  • Thank you Vixchile. I wish you lluck on your 16 next week. I'm thinking of packing a picnic for mine....you know, cold meats, cucumber sandwiches and a chilled bot of fizz. Although carrying that lot will slow me down. Also the chairs and picnic rug aren;t that light either.....

  • I think we need to hire a butler who can run along side us. In the mean time while the post is being advertised i have opted for mini - tiny mini snickers.

  • Nearly back to 100%, whoop! (that's a happy smiley whoop, not a whooping cough whoop). 16k will be no problem. Still laughing at Pace Beeatch...

  • Thanks Em. I love your positivity.

  • I love reading your stuff Dan, keep on writing and good luck with the plan!

  • Cheers dude!

  • Glad your health is improving and your running plans are still on track. The mammuthus will be fine. Its less than a parkrun on top of a 12k! x ;-)

  • I like the way your mind operates N-e....

  • I did a hm 3 weeks after a mild-but-not-pleasant chest infection. It scuppered my training and made coughing part of my regular vocabulary, and I still had a lovely run. You've plenty of time to get back on form so just take it easy and keep going. Gently. Without encountering anything too hilarious.

  • Thank you! What a positive statement. Good one!

  • Sounds like you are making a steady recovery Dan, that is great news :)

    Yes, I agree, stretching is very important. :)

  • Eeee slowly slowly, eeee catchy monkey inni?

  • Great to hear that you are getting back to form Dan. Sounds as if the HM training is going fine.

  • Thanks Ur. It's good to be getting back to form.

  • Well done Dan great to see you back on the mend

  • Yowser yowser yowser!!! Thanks G.

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