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The ultra delicious Turbo Tortoise met me in Richmond Park this morning for a "conversational" jog around the entire park - 11.8K. (We did add 200 metres to up it to 12K though!).

The rain was lashing down at 9:45am and we both agreed to delay our 10:30 start to 11am when the sun would be shining. The BBC weather app really is unbelievably accurate. I mounted my trusty scooter and rode to the park. We met in the car park near Richmond Gate and set off on a warm up walk. Once that was in the bag we started jogging as slow as we could, but ended up going a bit too fast. This "bit too fast" pace lasted until about 4K when we REEEEALLLLY slowed it down and it felt much better. I do like slow running, espesh when you're having a natter!!

We managed to chat the entire circuit of the park - talking about running, dinner parties, ballet dancers' diet, playing guitar backwards, food poisoning, marathons, internet trolls and just about anything else I can't think of!! It was great fun and I found the entire run as easy as pie. It really helps having someone to run with because the kilometres disappear so quickly. My new Asics Nimbus's bounced me along comfortably and there were no issues with my right leg (for a change!!). HOORAY!

I used this run as part of My Asics Half Marathon Training Plan. Yesterday I did a "fast" 8K and it really was incredibly difficult. I didn't enjoy it at all. Mrs Dan put it down to the pollution that was in the air and was reported by the BBC! Apparently there was a lot of noxious gases swirling around the SE of England yesterday and I may have swallowed some! But todays run was brilliant and I really enjoyed it.

So now it's two days rest before the next one - an 8K fast again. Gor blimey.

Let's all wish our troops well who are doing marathons tomorrow - JuicyJu in Paris and Vicky B in Brighton and anyone else I don't know! Good luck to them all. They're far stronger mentally than I could ever be.

Until we meet again on this forum that we forum? Yeah. That's it.

Take care

Yer pal


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Its great running and talking all the way isn't it. All those noxious gases have to come out so gassing with TT did the trick I reckon! That Asics plan gets you to go pretty slow doesn't it, but anyway glad you had a good run and no problems with the leg. And yes good luck to everyone here doing marathons HM's, 10k's,5k's whatever and wherever, we are all behind you with our banners and flags! x :-D


Hear hear N-e.


I still can't run and talk at the same time, no matter how slowly I go. It must be nice if you can have a natter!

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Give it a bit more time GLudwig and you will find you can do it quite easily!


Thanks TT, hope so!


Sounds like a pretty perfect morning to me. Some running, some chatting, some pleasant company. What more could you want on a Saturday morning :)


Your right the bbc weather is pretty accurate definitely worth looking at before a run. I'd find it hard to talk about ballet dancers though. Glad to hear you enjoyed your natter.


Sounds like a great run and natter! Did you let her get a word in???!!!! Ha ha! Only joking pet!!!


Hehehe! :-D


Well done Dan sounds brilliant pal


Does Mrs. Dan know that you describe your running buddy as "ultra delicious"?

Nattering while running sounds like torture to me. I barely have the capacity to berate Laura when she tells me I am not even half way yet.

Anyhoo, glad you had fun.


Just think back to when you started all this running lark. If you were anything like me, the idea of being able to talk AND move was an impossible dream (at the end of week 1 run 1 just being able to breath normally felt like a bit of an impossible dream and I swear him indoors had his fingers hovering over the digits to call the ambulence as I gasped, beached fish like on the sofa, trying to persuade my heart to stay inside my chest and to slow down to something like normal - or at least, what I thought of as normal then!) Yet here you are now, blythely dropping the fact that you can not only run 12k non stop, you can happily do it while chatting all the way!

What a way we have all come. And doesn't it feel good! :)


Oooh my him indoors was like that when i started too! 😂 i think he looked at me coming through the door heaving with sweat, red faced and unable to breathe and thought i was about to die too! 😄


Noce going Mr Dan! And well done to you and TT for having a nice long run....good weather, long run, cracking company, whats better in life?


Playing guitar backwards?? (plus - you must be getting really good now Dan is you can talk and run)


It was such fun! Hope your dinner party was a success and your heid's nae tae thick this morning.

10 miles next time?!!


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