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Havant Park Run

Went to do my first park run today surprised to find car park very quiet, found why during the welcome talk its £2 to park and I hadn't noticed oops. Decided to do one of the two laps then went back to my car and drove home (luckily no fine or clamp) The run was very friendly and I definitely was not the slowest so feel much more confident for the next one ! Once home I decided I had not run far enough so decided to do a week 9 run and was really happy to find I could increase my distance so must of run faster and found I could do 4.5km in the 30 mins !! So that's 7km done today with the two runs ;) looking forward to the next park run I am definitely ready for it !! :)

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parkrun is great event , all abilities etc and lots of support and encouragement from the wonderful volunteers :D

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He he. Well done on both runs.

Sometimes it is nice to have a distraction but I guess worrying about going back to see a clamp on your wheel was a bit too much!


Well done for doing your first one. That's the hard bit and you now know how much money to take next time!


Well done - sounds good fun!

Your £2 experience reminded me that hubby and I drove about 15 minutes to a local deer park with our £2.50 parking charge ready in loose change. When we got there it had gone up to £3!!!!! Including finding money under the car seats we could only scrape together £2.96. A very kind gent gave us the extra 4p ......


I'm planning on trying the Havant parkrun in a few weeks once I'm closer to graduation (on week 6 at the moment) - slightly worried about that hill that leads up to where the house used to stand - think that might just do me in! The route looks lovely - just need to work out if I can get there by bus!


Let me know nearer the time and we can arrange to meet up ! Look for a bus that takes you to Staunton Country Park It is right opposite Leigh Park Gardens! The route the run follows is lovely, the bit by the house was down hill (for me the worst bit as I needed to steady my pace) The uphill bit was much more gradual and I barely realised I was going uphill until I noticed a few start to walk there. I may have needed to walk a bit if I had done the second circuit! Someone advised me to swing my arms to aid the hill climb! The whole route is on a gravel type path so very easy to run on. Everyone was friendly I can't wait til next week. As you live in the area you will know we are spoilt for choice with park runs the only one I don't fancy is Queen Elizabeth Country Park now that would be steep ! ;)


Never thought I would say this but I'm actually looking forward to trying it!

And this is coming from someone who hadn't run for nearly 25 years since the dreaded cross country at school!


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