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New challenge

After a series of specialist appointments - two more to go as well, I now have a challenge to get my BP down which is borderline high or as they called it a little hypertensive.

To be fair I have over the last few months been doing anything form 1 to 2 runs a week being the norm.

Has anyone got any experience as to the difference that increasing the frequency of runs will have, I generally run between 4k and 5k on each occasion.

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Honestly I would not know about the running - I imagine adding more exercise could help. One thing that helped me is losing weight (but this may not apply to you)

Yoga and meditation are two things that have proven quite effective too - they help in reducing stress, which can often be one of the triggers for high BP.


I do in fact still need to lose more weight, that is a fair shout to point out that that may help my bp. I had not thought of yoga meditation to support the exercise and diet....thank you that is really helpful.


Running, walking, cycling, swimming, gym etc all help but you will have to focus in on your diet. It has to be a whole body approach to get your BP under control.

They say that you increase running distance based on the 10% rule. I think someone will have explained it on here in greater detail. 10% a week I'd say if you're not an experienced runner. You have to build gradually to prevent injury.

Go for 6 k next time out. You can take your time and enjoy it. Choose a new trail or street. Keep mixing things up to keep your legs guessing

I trust you're being careful about your eats and drinks. That's where you need to take control if you're not doing so already.

Good luck and I hope you get better news at the doctor's soon.


Yes I have run 6k when I was regularly running 3 times a week. Thanks for reminding me as well that increasing gradually is the rule. I also need to reduce coffee intake and up water too - I don't generally drink fizzy drinks except bubbly water.


If you are overweight or heavier then losing weight will help a lot. Cutting out salt from your diet will help just as much. I can't remember the last time I voluntarily added salt to my meals and I still probably eat too much.

Exercise will help too. I think the guide is 30 minutes a day or more, so three runs a week and some other type of exercise the other days maybe. Walking is great exercise, but you have to get sweaty. No good strolling through the park taking an hour to walk a mile, you'll get more benefit doing housework or cleaning the car.


Thank you, I need to do the hoovering today so that is a good reason, and will resolve to go for a run this afternoon before the thunderstorms set in. Funnily I only add salt to my roast potatoes, but fair point.


I have stopped drinking alcohol and have boosted running to three runs a week. Thanks for your suggestions, and am eating more fruit, while not putting salt on food unless I have roast potatoes, will see what the nurse suggest tomorrow - Monday.


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