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Speed and stamina

Hi, just a few thoughts on building on stamina post C25k. I graduated in Jan 15 and had tried parkrun in Nov 14 - did it as a run/walk in 42.20. After graduating, I managed to run at least a couple of times a week and in March I felt ready to try parkrun again. I was hoping to get my time under 40 mins and was so chuffed to get 37.20. My PB is now 37.01. I turn up to parkrun with the intention of having a nice run, not to go hell for leather after a PB (Hull parkrun is lovely, 2 and bit times round the lake and past the animal enclosure). As I am no spring chicken (52) I am mindful of avoiding injury and keep away from intervals, hill training etc. I am usually a very impatient person but C25k has shown me the benefits of patience and perseverance. If you keep going, your stamina will improve over time.

To all those who are working their way through C25k, don't worry about how far or fast you are going, you can build on it after graduation. Keep going, it is a great programme, I feel so much better for it. Running is the perfect de stresser and has really helped to keep me sane (and prevented the computer from becoming airborne too) !

Happy running and good luck with your running adventures !

The photo is the starting point of my favourite run to Patrington Haven and back.

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Good advice! Although I have to admit to a small chuckle when you mentioned avoiding hill training in Hull - I think you'd be hard pushed to find a hill if you went looking! I grew up in Hull (just off the Beverley High Rd) and remember that you didn't have to learn how to do a hill start on your driving test as there weren't any! I then moved to Brighton where I very definitely needed hill starts!


That is a very fair point about Hull ! I live out in Holderness and we have a few gentle inclines but nothing that would amount to a hill. I did hear that people were doing their hill starts on the Anlaby Road flyover ! Beverley High Road eh? I lived in the Grange Halls of residence just up from Inglemire Lane when I was a student.


Love the sky


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