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W5R2. Toasty and slow. But brilliant

Despite the , now unseasonably, warm weather, I decided to set off on the rather scary sounding week 5 run 2.

Well. I did it! 2 x 8 minutes. Non stop.

I listened to Laura. Nice and steady.

Managed 3.2 km, a slightly slower pace , but I'm just so happy.

When I started this program, I would never have dreamed I could do this.

Your support has been invaluable.

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Well done! Sounds like you got your pace just right. Enjoy your next run and don't let the numbers scare you! Happy running 😊

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Well done, your two days ahead of me. I'm happy to see you getting there. Good luck for the last run of this week!


Thanks very much. All the best for yours.


Good on you. A great feeling isn't?


Absolutely. Nothing like it.


Well done. This is probably the program's most definitive week and it sounds like you are doing brilliantly.

W5R3 awaits - it sounds scary but slow and steady and I am sure you will be fine.

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