loving program..but calve problem?

Hello. First Post. I'm on the other side of the pond but really like this forum. Much more information than the US forums I've read.

I'm at week 6 and have completed runs 1 and 2. Energy and cardio capacity has improved greatly and I've even lost 20 pounds.

Now the bad. My lower legs get really tight and burn a little ways into each run. I have good shoes, drink plenty of water and stretch well after each session. I also have no trouble or cramping after runs. It's only during the workout.

So far I've pushed through it but now it's all longer runs from here on out and I can see this being painful enough to stop me from completing runs.

Anyone else had this problem or any advice???


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14 Replies

  • well i have a similar problem.. although I think mine because of a pulled muscle in my calf (outer calf muscle). Had my ‘gait’ analysed and I don’t ‘pronate’ at all, so they said it may be down to tightness in my hamstrings? I don’t know if that is the same with you? ( although I am only just finished week 4)

  • Thanks for the reply. Although I do stretch calves and Achilles well, stretching the hamstrings may help. I'll add some hamstring stretches to the routine. I'm sure this will be trial and error but I really want to figure it out and keep going as I really enjoy the workouts minus this issue.

  • I can think of two things. It might be a simple issue of you needing to slow down a bit and run more slowly - it will still give you a great workout. Or maybe you need more strength in your leg muscles. You could do far worse than adding a daily set of squats to your routine.

  • Thanks Tomas. I consider myself fairly slow but I'll try even slower the next few runs. I do lift weights 3 or 4 days a week including fairly heavy squats a couple of those days as well as other leg exercises.

  • Do you get enough rest in between your runs? Or (just a thought based on your reply) do you go to the gym and tire your legs out on the days you don't run? You probably already know this and have heard it a hundred times, but it is when you rest that you grow stronger.

    Sorry if it's something you've already thought about. Just trying to think out loud :)

  • Thanks again. I try to wait 48 hrs. after a leg workout (weights) before I run. So actually take an extra day off from running but workout other body parts on that day, and stay away from working legs.

  • Hi,

    Do you stretch before you go for your run? I know the jury's out on whether it makes a difference to your run but I find it really makes a difference to calf ache. For months I only ever used to stretch after and within a few strides of starting out my calves would feel tight and plead with me to stop. On a whim I decided to try before run calf raises and stretches, amongst others, and it doesn't happen anymore. I wouldn't say it's made me faster but it's such a relief.

  • Jaynekate..thanks. I do not stretch before running. I figured the warmup was good enough and I usually walk an extra 5 minutes for a total of 10 before a session. But I'll add some stretches between the 5 minutes I walk and starting the actual C25K workout. Couldn't hurt and may help me also. Glad it's working for you.:)

  • Having got as far as running for 20 minutes non stop I then sprained my calf and ended up not running for 4 weeks and having lots of physio. They advised that I wear support socks, I have bought the tape you put on your muscles but not used that yet. I also stretch calfs just before going out by putting front of foot on step and bouncing heels over the edge. I found this really loosens my muscles. Don't know if that is of any help. Definately don't want to injure calf again - was agony.....

  • Hey JenB65...,sorry to hear of the injury. Hope all goes well. I have a pair of calf compression sleeves that I tried a couple of times but didn't see much difference. I may give them another go. Definitely gonna add some pre run stretching. Hope to get a run in this evening and hoping it goes better.

  • On rest day today. I have socks and sleeves and also use flight compression sock, might just be psychological that they help but who cares lol. Have a great run.

  • Repeated W6R1 today...finished it but the tightness and burning was still there. Stretched before run and after. Also wore compression sleeves. Gonna keep at it and try adding more stretching between runs, keeping pace slow and relaxed, and thinking of purchasing heel lifts and see if they help any. Will figure this out.....come too far and enjoying this too much to give in. Happy running all....

  • Miller good to have tho discussion though.. Nice to know what others experience... And like you I try and experiment, find out what works.. And share .. Although I guess we all have slightly different situations , different problems

    Good luck anyway

  • Thanks Mate....Agree that sharing the experience is a very good thing. Someone having a similar experience as you may find something you've commented on to be of help. We all need help and advice from time to time. Take care....

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