Hi guys. I'm after a bit of advice. Ive done week one twice now and I'm unsure what to do next. I am overweight, a lot overweight, about 21 stone. I can complete the runs in week one with a bit of s struggle. I think that week 2 is going to be a bit too much for me. Would it be best for me to carry on doing the first week until I get a bit fitter (lighter) or struggle at week 2. ??


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  • why don't you try week 2, if you only manage 75 sec runs instead of the full 90 secs it will still be progress. There's nothing stopping you doing a 1.5 week

  • And I meant to add! Well done for doing anything and getting off the couch (hoping that doesn't sound patronising!). But you're doing more than you were 2 weeks ago and the progress you will make on this programme will constantly surprise you!

  • Well here's my advice, first 10/10 for trying. But, if I was you, I would first start by doing some good hikes, also, use myfitnesspal and log all you eat and start to bring your weight under control. There is a good website called walkhighlands, it has access to a 1/25th scale map of the UK, this map will show you all the paths on your doorstep, you could invest in something like a satmap or Garmin oregon, you can then transfer your newly created route to one of these devices and follow it. Get used to some walks/hikes, start by doing a 3 mile one, then 5, then build up to 8 or 10. There isnt a massive differance in calories burnt doing a good walk as against a run, you'd be surprised. Once you have got used to some good walking distances, then bring C25K into play, you will find running much easier once you've brought your weight down. By doing C25K first, you risk get frustrated because it will be so hard, running is hard enough at 12.5 stone.

  • I think walking is a great way to lose weight too. If you don't have a dog you could borrow one. I do and I'm so glad I got into walking all the time. I walk everywhere now

    You don't need any technical devices to walk or run. Just your arms and legs. I started WW classes and still go nearly ever week to keep myself on the right track

    C25k is a great programme. You could try week 2. You might surprise yourself. It won't hurt to try it

    Good luck! Don't give up. Keep moving!

  • I'm just under 20 stone myself, and also did week 1 twice, because I was terrified of just dropping dead or something. Today I did W3R2, and am still struggling (it's a lot of weight to carry around at the best of times!) but still completing the runs. I've taken extra rest days when my legs have complained, and have to make sure I take it comically slowly, but I reckon if you don't give it a go, you'll never know. Do what feels right for you, but don't be afraid to try - if you don't complete the week two runs at first, it's not a failure, it's just a "not yet".

  • Well done for deciding to get in control and for finishing week one. I'd try week two (sometimes our mind tells us we can't and in the end, we can), and if you can't finish the runs, walk. What's important is to be moving, and to tick the boxes in your mind to feel confident. All exercise is good! I started off walking in January, as I was convinced that I would never be able to run (I wasn't overweight, but was very unfit). Walking 5K a day with music in my ears was a real morale booster, and coupled with giving up alcohol for dry January I lost weight too. After a month I wanted to do more, so started C25K... I'm still running. You can do it. One day at a time.

  • WOW! I hope you wont mind me dropping into this thread just to say how impressed I am with you for what you have already achieved! I was horrified when I tried w1 -nearly died on r1 and could only manage every other 30 sec run on r2, so whatever you decide to do next, well done!

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