2nd off road run! Inspired by the tea fairy!!

2nd off road run!  Inspired by the tea fairy!!

Had a day off today and its been a bit of a let down :( Didn't feel like i have achieved much with my time, did manage trip to the vets with George for his itchy-sctratchyness(and he was embarrassingly yappy in the waiting room) frustrating drive cos of roadworks EVERYWHERE, and on way back has some silly ass overtaking then cutting back in infront of me, only to turn off shortly after which really wound me up! Visited mum for a bit which put me in a better mood, bought something nice for tea, took George walkies and decided on a route for my run tonight( as non work day means 16mile round trip to get to running club, so didn't go tonight)

INSPIRED by "the tea fairy's" epic half marathon post i've been inspired to have a go at trails, i donned my older muddy-from-last-time trainers and set off on a route i discovered walking the other week , wasn't sure how i'd get on, but the sun was shining after a windy rubbish weather day so in shorts and vest off i went! this included the farm lane where i did my "hide from the public" first weeks of c25k! past the lovely farmhouse and pond, saw Canada geese and goslings so stopped to take a (slightly fuzzy) snap, through the gate up the hilly bits(walked a little) and past another house. Did impressive galloping leaps( which were quite comical!) avoiding the stingy nettles of the narrow path with my shorts on, only got stung by one! Had to walk the next hilly bit as totally puffed, then on through another farmyard and field, which ends up in local holiday camp, where i merrily jogged on through! back on footpath, out onto main rd and back! (+ mini sprint-ish finish on downhill road bit!)

So feeling better :) , sweating like a pig :X :) , dinner in oven and off to get freshened up!

here the route!:


*also completed the May Strava 10k challenge on 31st May, just sneaked in there! As have Womens 10k in Southampton on the 14Th June, and Brading 10k on 28th June!


ps, my elder brother Paul just started C25k yesterday (paulb67) , we will be doing the Great South Run in October! well done Paul! :)


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  • Very good Ali, yes we will . Off on my second run in the morning.

  • Was going to ask you that! good stuff! :)

  • Oh welcome Paul! Another recruit for us to prod/praise! Enjoy your running and keep posting to let us know how you're getting on x ๐Ÿ˜€

  • haha thanks, i'll probably need a bit of prodding. Just got in from run 2. Felt a bit better than run1! :)

  • See! You're getting there already! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿƒ

  • I'll get there. I have to. Ali won't let me give up :).

  • Sounds fab. Very jealous as my day at work was naff and I'd loved to have been out running :)

    Ps Good luck to big bruv :)

  • Thanks, day was a bit naff but ended well so alls good :)

    PS thanks he'll like the support from everyone here :)

  • yes i will , i need all the help i can get. My legs still hurt from monday!

  • Mmmmmm ... I'd get used to that achey feeling in your legs for the next few weeks :) Plenty of stretches should help. You'll grow to love it

  • yes im expecting to ache for quite a while

  • you were too speedy thats why! :X

  • yeah oi think so ali. I'll text you tomorrows distance. It won't be so far i think

  • Thanks a lot, i'll need it! :)

  • Oooh, sounds (and looks) gorgeous! :)

  • thanks, its a pretty route, glad i tried it instead of the road route, think i'm getting a taste for it(need trail shoes next!)

    would love to do this for some strange reason :


    its my birthday weekend but not sure if its beyond crazy to think of it, the 5 mile route only!

  • you can do it, no problem

  • HHHMMM! you'll have to come too! :)

  • ok

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have to save up a bit! :)

  • its ยฃ39 for the 5 mile race

  • not too bad then! :) not 100% sure yet!

  • it'll be a laugh

  • Well done Ali! ~It's all-go with you at the minute. I hope Georgie boy has stopped itching now. Do they know what's causing it?

    Trail running is lovely int it. I can't wait to get back out there. I am not running at the mo but am going out walking with the dog tomorrow and Thursday so at least I'll be out in the blue

    I had my little terrier introduction the other day. He settled with me brilliantly. We had a little walk together and he came home with me for tea

  • thanks Miss wobble, i enjoyed it but it was hard going on the hilly bits! quite a fun challenge though :)

    they think something biting him, don't think its fleas,(the vet said maybe ants, we have LOADS in the garden) he had spot-on and bath, but at night he has his lampshade or all you can hear is the knawing! hes had a jab so that might help.............. your little terrier will be very happy with you i'm sure :)

    hope you're feeling a bit better with your aches?

  • Nice one Ali.

    I love running on the trails but I do find it very tiring and always wear long pants due to the nettles, brambles etc etc.

  • thanks dunder! how are you? yes i think that could be a good idea! :)

  • Fine thanks. Doing lots of slow runs at the moment, just gradually increasing distance. I have an HM booked for October and due to start the 'formal' part of the training program in a couple of weeks.

  • Sounds like you're doing really well, a HM will be a brilliant achievement ๐Ÿ˜Šgo dunder!

  • I'm not running at all Ali. Well miffed ๐Ÿ˜•

  • ๐Ÿ˜•hope you'll be back very soon. .......

  • Hi Ali lovely post and a super run so your day wasn't wasted! You did loads. I like the sound of your trail I've been thinking I may try trails soon. Its good to do something different. That's great that your bro is on board. I shall look forward to reading his progress reports. I've just signed up for another 10k for Sunday-couldn't help myself! X๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks Karen, yes did feel lots better,as i wanted to try running that path since I found it a few weeks back๐Ÿ˜Ši think i will look into some not too expensive trail shoes, a friend had some from more mile that were only ยฃ20....

    well done onyour 10k entry. We have needles HM here on Sunday, would love to have gone to watch it but Sunday opening starts at work and I'm stuck there๐Ÿ˜•it supposedto be very hard, my friend's hubby does it!

  • I got some karrimor tempo trail cheaply from SD but they are not as good as my brooks cascadias. Too slippy!

  • thanks for the info! :) will have to save up yet! :(

  • Oh sounds like you had a fab day Ali, storming through the nettles and brambles -fab !

    Hope George is a lot less itchy and scratchy today , Poor little man with the lampshade on his nut xxx

  • still a bit itchy scratchy! :( yes i STORMED! like that concept, not sure it was reality! :)

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