Got a new 5k PB tonight! :) my end of year present!

Got a new 5k PB tonight! :) my end of year present!

Well its a good day ! Had a luxurious 9.45am lie in with trashy novel, giant cuppa tea, george dog and injured Boz (still pretty much immobile with his sore back :( ) Guinea pigs fed and watered while tea brewing , fat pigeons and crows fed and happy in garden! Porridge and honey too! :) then off to work, just a short manic shift in the cafe today, looks like all the bargain hunters were out in force for the sales in town ! Stayed a bit longer to help out, then back home. As Boz's parents were visiting him and on their way back home, i asked for a lift towards the cliff path as it was getting dark and George was requesting a nice trot and i needed some fresh air and a pretty view! so dropped off at Sandown and a walk along from the pier, then up the 100 odd steps(hard work) and back home, around a 4k route i reckon. It was so soothing down there, sun going down and no breeze to speak of, that got me thinking that i should run tonight instead of tomorrow, then i could do a New years eve run and one on Friday(my 1 yr C25K anniversary!) as no Parkrun for me Saturday as working the earlier shift! (but did get to my 30th Parkrun last Saturday! which felt really hard in the mud and my legs ached all over afterwards! ) So at 6pm, i headed off!

i decided to do 5k, without looking at the garmin, just turning around at my half way lamp-post! it was quite fun guessing how i was doing, felt quite fast for me, still feel amazed that its actually me running along, wonder if that will ever wear off-surreal sometimes! So off along from Shanklin, for some reason a stretch of 4 street lamps were out, so that was a bit DARK! but sped on, trying to keep a good pace going. Felt like PROPER running, rather than my jog pace, so wasn't sure if i could keep it up, but that route is good as there are batches of beach huts that you can persuade yourself to get to, then aim to next lot, etc! past the pier, sped up a bit so didn't look too rubbish to groups of teenagers! Damn, my turn around lamppost appeared so had to come back past said group, thats the good thing with ear phones, my 80s mix meant i was oblivious if there were any comments(thats just me being paranoid maybe! :X )

homeward stretch and not too far to go! back past the spooky dark bit and to the barrier at end of revetment! Stopped the garmin! 29.37! but that was for 5.1k so actual 5 k time was 29.16! YAY ! i've only done under 30 mins once, and that was 29.50 :) I'm never a very exuberant person, but that made me smile! And also i won't have to work so hard on new years eve now! :)

Took a pic to show the peaceful atmosphere, often its really blowy down there! :) The pier is the lights on the right!

Am posting my strava link below as feeling very pleased with my new PR records!

feeling tired now, had nice macaroni and leek cheese for tea now ready for a snooze, my sister bought me a new "teddy bear throw" for christmas , need to lounge and recouperate now!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my c25k pals, you've really made my year getting to know you all(i am a forum bore to my pals, "On the forum someone said" etc, bet it drive them mad but i am happy here! :)

ps loving the tags on this post!


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  • You must be ecstatic! Well done, aliboo! Anyone would be delighted with a time like that! What a way to end the year!

  • thanks John! i did set off pretty determined but my times have been slower lately , think the conditions were great tonight without wind rain or slippery surfaces, took a energy gel, thinking that psychologically it might spur me on! tasted nasty though- banana! Reckon the dog walk might have warmed up my muscles maybe, i find i'm better when i've been active in the day too! :)

  • Hey Ali, Amazing stuff ! Well done to you , that is a fantastic time ! It has been an absolute joy reading your posts, what an amazing friendly forum this is !

    All the very best to you in 2015, and yes, I love the tags ha ha :-) xxx

  • AAh Poppy, hope you had a good christmas!? Thanks for you kind comments! My day is always better when i've popped by this site, i'm not a face book-er, so this is my indulgence!

    big pats to the pugs, george has a posh florescent coat with reflective bits for xmas, and a squeeky rat which he loves! he did his 2nd parkrun on saturday too, in 26 mins! :)

  • Yes Ali, thank you I did. Hope you did too xxx

    I don't do Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, I wouldn't know where to start to be honest :-) I do love this place though !

    Glad George loves his squeeky rat , is it driving you mad yet ha ha . Rocky my beige pug likes his teddy and Doug , my black pug has a cuddly lion. I could watch them playing for hours couldn't you ?

    Oh Well done to you and George on your fab Park Run result , that is fast ! xxx

  • george was with boz, before he did his back in(on the way round somewhere) sadly i can't claim the 26 mins! :(

    George has done well, his squeeky rat still in one piece! he just does an odd two minutes at a time! Hi to rocky and Doug, great names! a lady at parkrun had a terrier called Geoff! :)

  • Well done hunny! What a lovely post and it was an amazing run by the sound of it. Enjoy snuggling under your blankie - we have several supersoft blankets all over the house (strangely enough, they came from Avon - I used to be a rep - and they are fabulous) and I love nothing better than snuggling up on a cold night and watching trash tv with the cat (if she's not out murdering things).

    Congratulations on your anniversary too. What a year!


  • thanks! i LOVE my furry throw, this one is SUPER furry and twice the size of my previous! just need a corner sofa now and i'd be happy!

    Did enjoy tonight, it was fun not looking at the time til the end too! And legs were fine compared to Saturdays parkrun, but that was super muddy where as this was flat and smooth!

    Where has 2014 gone??!! Didn't make the tennyson run in the end, just too windy for me that day, maybe next year?! starting my healthy eating again on 2nd Jan too! :) Happy new year to you! :)

  • Stunning post ad a STUNNING RESULT! Well done Ali. Brilliant news. I can sense the orgasmic quality of your PB through your excited words! Stunning performance there girl. Well done.

  • Well chuffed with my PBs! thanks Dan, not sure i could keep up that pace for 10k though! , for once a felt like a proper runner tonight, how did that happen!?? :)

  • Well done Ali! You must be well chuffed with that matey. What a great way to round off your running year. We've all come quite a way in such a relatively small amount of time haven't we.

    Happy new running year to you Ali. Oh, and George too!

  • Happy new year Miss Wobble! its been great getting to know you all! You've done fab yourself, all those great runs and that HM! I've not done that great in distance stakes, but i'm chuffed i could round off my year with a good result, don't think i'll ever be super speedy, but might knock a bit off by this time next year!! ?? :)

  • thanks kittykat! i'm on my 3rd cuppa since back, and Boz made the last one, as is able to walk a bit better tonight! tired but happy, off to bed soon, but having to dye my hair at mo as have big grey streak down the middle, and in my shop job tomorrow where i get to dress up a little! :)

    i will pass on your best, thankyou!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and hubby too!

  • Ali Wighter!

    A gargantuan congratulations on your shiny new PB; a very nice Christmas prezzie to yourself, is that! Bet you're over the moon about it - and quite right too. What a way to top the year off; so close to your C25K anniversary as well! I imagine the year has flown by and here, before you know it, you're a runner (and a good one at that!) with plenty of experience and a race already done - with one to come very soon indeed!

    Well done! :-) If you're happily napping now, I'm sure you'll be dreaming about the great, splendid result! :-)

    Happy New Year to you, Ali Wighter; thank you for all the laughs and motivation and support in 2014; looking forward to more of the same next year! :-)

    Best wishes to Boz; so hope he is back to Standard Operational Mobility (SOM) soonest. BTW, your tea sounds delicious and has made me hungry again!

  • love a bit of macaroni! :) On to our healthy eating very soon!

    Thanks for the congrats! not ZZZZZZZZZZZZing yet as us oldies have to dye our hair to avoid VPS( very prominent streak) that seems to have occured all of a sudden! my usual colour was not left in boots, so have similar on packet option, which is looking totally different at the mo, could be a HCD (hair colour disaster!) will let you know how that goes, some young dark haired 33yr olds don't seem to be affected yet!

    Likewise to you, i've enjoyed our chats so much! Your post earlier motivated me to get out and about! :)

    Boz doing better tonight, thankyou! able to make me a cup of tea again so thats a result! :)

  • Oldies?! You're 44, not 94! :-P Are you dying your hair a funky colour?! :-P

    I do have a few of the hair streaks but it's more the beard where they're prominent, although I quite like it as it gives me a piratical name: Greybeard. Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Thank you! Really glad I'm able to motivate. You do the same for me too; even I need motivation at times as well! :-)

    Ah, so already Boz is on tea duty!! :D

  • No funky colour as yet! Resisted dying it til 3yrs ago, got nagged into submission! First attempt rather too bright, now a brown auburn ish! Think this one is okay, though still wet yet!

    I am your official motivational conscience at times, and sender of jolly pictures ! MIJ ( Most important job ! )

    Byeee me old hearty pirate! :)

    tea duty most important, always!

  • Lovely post, inspiring for a newbie like me, well done xxx

  • Thanks Tazmania, crashed out now! Hope your c25k going well :)

  • Brilliant Aliboo - great end to the year!

  • Thanks ullyrunner! :)

  • Congratulations Aliboo - eet ees a magnifique thing to do and a great PB to beat in the New Year :))

  • Hey ru- non! C'est tres bien to go speedy-ish! Will have to brush up my french for 2015! :)

  • What a great time ! Sounds like a perfect day all round

  • Thanks henpen! Not a bad day at all! but could have been better without the work bit ! Should have booked some time off ! :)

  • wow :) what a great time Aliboo :D really pleased for you definitely a great way to celebrate the end of a year and the start of a new one, Happy new Year :D

  • Thanks Rob happy new year to you too! :)

  • Well done aliboo on your PB a very good time. Its great when you just go out enjoy the run knowing you are running pretty well and then getting home and finding out how good it is. Happy New Year

  • Yes I enjoyed that part! Thank you and happy new year, ! :)

  • What a fab run report Ali. Everything sounds perfect, apart from the group of teenagers and the unlit street lamps. But, I guess, speeding up to get past those twin annoyances will have contributed to getting your new PB. Congratulations m'dear. You should be very proud :) Hope Boz recovers soon x

  • Thanks Ancient mum, ! I am getting better about running around groups, bit braver than this time last year, ! Bet it did help! All the best for 2015! :)

  • Wow Ali that is fab! Well done you with that time. I'm still chasing the sub 30. Sounds like you had a lovely run and I totally get what you mean with being amazed that it's actually you running! What a great year you have had. Hopefully the next one will be just as good! Happy new year to you it's been great following your progress. I started the programme a week or two after you and it's lovely to hear how everyone is getting on. Looking forward to the winter run-I don't do Facebook so will message you nearer the time if that's ok. x :-D

  • You too no excuse, ! Its nice having forum friends from the start! Hope we do ok in the LWR! That will be a cool photo to post of the forum members together ! Look forward to hearing from you, happy new year, :)

  • I will take 29:16 any day of the week! Well done! P.S. I often do Manic Running with a Fat Ear :)

  • I'm still a bit amazed! Happy new year to you! :)

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